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Noelle M Eithun Jan 2020
I let them tear at my insides
Rip me open and take what they want
I’m lying helpless. Spread open. Exposed.
I wouldn’t dare look them in the eye.
One by one I feel their weight lift off me
as they get their fill and move on.
I’m left alone.
I wipe their saliva off my ribcage and hug my insides together.
I start to feel my heart beating again.
I can feel it echo throughout
my hollowed chest
I lift myself up and start to walk.
I can see more scavengers in the distance
I close my eyes, wincing from the pain.  
And continue to walk toward them.
A huge metaphor. But I never understood why I kept coming back to it. I would feel utterly gutted after, and still showed up the next time.
Noelle M Eithun May 2019
My eyes drift up to the rotating colors moving as fast as my heartbeat across the ceiling.
       I close my eyes and feel your hands gripping my thighs, pulling
       me in, closing all distance between us.
       All the blood in my body rushes down between my legs. I bite my  
        lip in anticipation, letting my body sink into the sensation of
       feeling your warmth next to me.
I take one last look at the kaleidoscope ceiling, bring my lips to yours and finally give in.
A moment I had to capture.
Noelle M Eithun Jan 2019
How do you feed longing
to where it's always satisfied and kept at bay
by the shores of your soul
I feel waves of all consuming loneliness
knocking me on my knees
begging for someone to lift me up
and hold my heavy heart above water
An insatiable monster
Noelle M Eithun Nov 2018
If I flip a coin and it lands on tails,
I'll tell you why I did it.

tails, I'll tell you why I felt like I wasn't enough anymore.
tails, I'll tell you how afraid I was of being erased
tails, I'll tell you how much I wanted it to be you

and if it were to land on heads,
I'd stay silent
Unsaid words and how much pain it can inflict on one's self
Noelle M Eithun Aug 2018
You laced me with your touch.
It lingers in my goosebumps
just waiting for the excuse to rise again
to see you rise

thats when I feel the most wanted
but I want you to want me with my legs closed
Noelle M Eithun May 2018
I feel hollowed out, gutted.
I can hear my heartbeat echo throughout my chest,
making it the only way I know I am still alive.

and that something is still alive in me.
What do you do when you don't feel anything at all?
Noelle M Eithun May 2018
My flowers are wilting.
Missing sun, missing water.
They feel abandoned

My mind has become a dark room
with scratches on the wall, keeping my thoughts in isolation.
I'm waiting for the rain.
The rain of clarity,
of a new season.
Something, anything.

To let the light back in
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