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magicbroccoli66 Mar 2018
The sunshine,
The pain.
The light,
The dark that bites.
Her fine,
My coarse.
Her untameable soul,
My awkward presence.

The smile of a thousand suns,
Her face of similarity to a Goddess.
Five years.
Five years.

And it is her.

sunprincess Mar 2018
Emerald city's genuine goddess of all things green
Slept upon a grassy field where does live flowers yellow
beside the greatest garden ever generously growing
sweet green grapes,
ginger, guava, greens, and ginseng
underneath a starry constellation comforter
with a soft lullaby from a nice nightingale ,
and a warm smile from an adoring mystical moon
She slept soundly the whole night through
loveless Dec 2015
Infinite in mystery
Is the gift of the goddess
We seek it thus
And take it to the sky
Ripples form on the water's surface
The wandering soul
Knows no rest
The second part of the poem LOVELESS
My interpretation
The gift of the goddess
Is mysterious
In pursuit of this gift
We take the flight
Within the core of the heart
A hopeless wanderer flow
Like ripples to waves
Come forth the dreams below

All parts have various different interpretition

Third part
Seán Mac Falls Feb 2015
Blooms of hair, shimmers and starlight,
Face of dream, gathers in lighted loom,
Wakes of morn, spotty forest fawn, child
To magi moon, maid of golden orchards,
Of faraway seas, world opened vastness,
Temptress of foreign fruits and the giving
Sun, where blue, blood oranges old, ripen,
The dark vines grape of ancient olive, red
Lamb and wine.

What enchanted lands are you made of?
Where the diving seas of dolphin, sponge
And whirlpool weave, wherein Gods must
Have loved and making you, left this earth
In beauty and peace, burnished with dream.
Fand (pronounced: fawnd) is an early Irish sea goddess.  Her name is translated as "Pearl of Beauty".  She is seen as the most beautiful of goddesses.

— The End —