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Alan S Bailey Jul 2016
There is a study of some interesting production
That says that continents drift, but I disagree,
Listen if you will to my theory it's of a sort
That is of a very different decree.
In the beginning a planetoid smashed into the earth,
It would later become our moon, it was larger at first,
This matchless form of damage caused a great impact,
From which would later be whole continents birth.
The lava that flowed would be enough to make
Whole parts of Pangea sink, and huge amounts of
Ocean would poor into, eventually be. But this is my theory,
Why when the damage was done the magma flowed
So much from such areas, it formed what is now the
Colorado mountains, as well as the whole of Australia,
Japan, and the Polynese. I know this is just a theory, but I'd put
All I have into simply wanting to believe. The truth is always
Out there, and this is simply what ideas that I conceived.
I have a Facebook image that shows in depth imagery of what I believe (in the basic sense) all of what I call the "mega continent" of Pangea looked like before the eventual volcanic activity which I believe caused the formation of the oceans and land masses. Here is the link:;=3&uploaded;=1
Ameliorate Jul 2015
Manitoban Skies

Clouds are the mountains of the prairies
Towering cumulonimbus masses
Incredible backdrops across an otherwise plain blue sky
Warning call that rainstorms may approach
Vertical reminders of atmospheric instability
Jetted upwards into vast formations stretching miles and miles
Promises of unrelenting lighting and thunder
Cinematic sequences is country folk are lucky to view
Humidity in the summer, ah
What would we do without you?
Rolling clouds are a fair trade for the lack of rolling hills
Clouds are the mountains of the prairies.
Lynn Greyling Jan 2015
Rolling out into honey-coloured clouds
Above sun-drenched meadows.

Drifting into silences of amber light…
Where only the sky knows your heart.

Horizons shift willingly ever further
Promising joys and delight.

The auras of doubled wings, painting
Shadows over a mellowed earth.

The rush of wind lashing at my face,
Hugging me into submission.

While the soft drone rolls into a dance:
O! to dance with thee!

O! to hear the long forgotten ballads
Woven into magic melodies.

Music made by the gentle *******,
So swift and graceful on the wing!

July 1999 - flying as a passenger.
When thou lost order within thee,
Allow truth for the remedy,
Thou seek not being obsolete,
Ambition is one-third the piece,

When fair is foul and foul is fair,
Answer with a righteous prayer,
And once the sword of truth runs there,
There’s no desire for foul to dare,

Thy second bit is quite a sweat,
For love is nothing without debt,
And once this virtue lays a threat,
Preserve the balance with one step,

The final triumph is through the hail,
Indifference is the frozen stale,
And once its staggered breath gets pale,
Thy will gets handy when they’re frail…
Castiel Apr 2014
As it turns out,
there is more to falling
than just the fall.

There is, for example,
the thought.
The, "what the hell" kick of
adrenaline that keeps your
engines running.
The, "make it stop" sort of
desperation that sends you
somewhere beautifully
The thoughtlessness of
being pushed that is somehow so utterly
unforgivable but still exhilarating.

There is the actual falling.
or sometimes
and even sometimes
f l a t  o n  t h e  g r o u n d.

There is the flight.
w                                                         d
       i                                              a
             n                                 e
                  g                       r
                       s              p
like a bird's and waiting for
the air to lift you
up so your feet don't touch
the soil.

The darkest part of flight is
It can be as peaceful as
the baby being
from the stork's
beak but it can also be
painful and
sudden and
harsh. But the main thing about hitting the ground is
your fall is over and
who wants happiness to
I know you're all probably too ******* sick of seeing me already, but I mean I'm a poet and I've never found a site I like as much as this one okay. So, unfortunately, you're just going to have to deal. ^^

Also this is probably really scattered but it got my thoughts across sufficiently and I'm proud of it. c:

— The End —