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Shelby Majaiya Jan 2021
Undeserved by plenty
Misused by many
Masqueraded and always asking for a penny
When you're out clowning everything seems funny
But give too much kindness and be mistaken for a dummy
Tastes of bad intentions are sugar coated with honey
It took some time to open my eyes and see
That some individuals just aren't my cup of tea
And what seemed real all turned into fantasy
But perfected illusionists have only seen the last of me
I have real ones but forgive me when I'm distant I just need time alone
Quiet nights no interruptions i need space to let my mind roam
I'll get with you when I tie up all my loose ends
Sometimes you have to apologize take a bow and make amends
Take it or leave is my only offer
I just want us all to prosper
And be friends
(How many of us have them)
Shelby Majaiya Nov 2020
The fang of a vampire sinks in deep
Blood of the body against her teeth
That piercing sensation as she drains
The collar of my shirt soaked in blood stains
That weakened feeling I feel stumbling around
With the world around me swirling around
My hunger has altered into a crave
The old me has met an early grave
I can hear the hearts pulsing and pounding
The smell of fresh bait in the surrounding
I can't escape the hunger pains
As thirst for blood runs deep in my viens
I no longer use a fork when I eat
Because the blood of another taste so sweet
I've slept through the day I must feed tonight
But I must resume my slumber when the sun beams bright
Shelby Majaiya Nov 2020
Scrambled colors rearranged in my background
Sacred words that make tears fall
Silent whispering in your absence
Wither your leaves turning them brown
Burning pages of journals from which you once cried on
Leads to finding blank pages to write new endeavors to carry on
I am constantly my greatest taunt
Daring to thrillingly free fall

But you can fall if you want to
If you can't control how far
You'll get lost within your walls
And forget just who you are
Troubles will stay with you until your soul has found
Maybe it'll be found wandering around
Shelby Majaiya Nov 2020
I sit before this bottle trapped in paralyzing fear
Remembering a prophecy once told to me in a previous year
An Oracle once said to me that upon my endeavors I'd find a Genie
To not be fooled and that I must think freely
That I'd be her master but really her servant
To proceed with caution and be vigilantly observant
That she'll try to trick me into falling in love
And under her magic I'd be blindly trapped of
That she'd look like the woman of my dreams far more beautiful than a model
But you can't marry a Genie even if you polish the bottle
It's been over a century since the last time she was active
From the bottle to which she's eternally held captive
That I wouldn't ask for my wishes to be made real
But instead with her I'd attempt to strike a deal
I tried to throw it away
But it found its way back to me
I tried to move away
But its like the bottle only followed me
Seems I have no other option but to fulfill this prophecy
With that lingering fear that she'll get the best of me
Shelby Majaiya Dec 2019
I've lost my way more than just a couple times
But I've never been caught committing any foolish crimes
I've felt weak, I've felt alone, with my life I've tried to squeeze the lime
To my surprise this has happened more than just one time
Dont think theres anymore harm left that I can do
I sit alone to watch the moon and write the troubles of my crowded mind
I think I prefer this rather than something of some ****** kind
There's something about this soothe that I'm addicted to
Imigination let's my words form a thrilling rhyme
In this world there's just nothing I cant do
I reach out to the hands that no one else can see
I drink the potions which set my ****** soul at a peaceful ease
My laser eyes shoot the demons reaching out to grab at me
I hear the voices counting saying something like come back to me
Snapping back from hypnosis on the count of three
My eyes open to face the bland sight of reality
Shelby Majaiya Dec 2019
Forget what they told you
About the difference from reality and fantasy
Its what you choose it to be
The eye can erase the line
And trained eyes let the 2 combine
False emotions began to depart
Learn to use your eye and not your heart

— The End —