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annh May 2020
the present
forever shifts

yet remains

claiming and
re-claiming us

a sequence
of stillnesses

flux and

finite and
‘It is almost banal to say so yet it needs to be stressed continually: all is creation, all is change, all is flux, all is metamorphosis.’
- Henry Miller
Michael R Burch Feb 2020
A wave implodes,
impaled upon
impassive rocks...

this evening
the thunder of the sea
is a wild music filling my ear...

you are leaving
and the ungrieving
winds demur:

telling me
that nothing returns
as it was before,

here where you have left no mark
upon this dark
Heraclitean shore.

Heraclitus said we can't step in the same river twice, because it won't be the same river and we won't be the same either. Everything is in a constant state of flux, thus "nothing returns / as it was before." Lovers who part will not be the same people if they reunite later.
Yanamari May 2019
As I wait
In the night's cold
The echoes of rain long gone
I fall back
Sweet reactions
And sweet smiles
Evoked by the idiosyncrasies of life,
All genuine
Whilst my heart
Congeals the idiosyncratic nature of
My exterior
With my interior.

A concept irrevocable.
In it's amalgamation,
The force of its flux
Is unsettling.
And in my unsettled ease
Where does that leave me?
Rain: II
Steve Page Nov 2017
See how the colours shift -
with each fractional adjustment
I'm met with a 360 revolution
emblazoned horizon to horizon
a panchromatic world of beauty
in a constant state of flux,
with variations,
both major and minor,
circling round 
with each marginal movement
of my creator's hand.
Our fragmented lives can be a thing of beauty.  Just gaze and take it in.
Nyteshade Feb 2017
Dawn of change
It is always so
Endless dusks and tides
Breaking against star-foam.
The law of all-things
We long to forget
Is that everything passes
Time devours all
And humble humanity
Tiny upon the floating rock
Is no different
To the dust and gas
Of deep space.
We may quail
At our transient destiny
We may shudder
At our fleeting fate
We may lament
Our lack of infinity
But to do so would be
To stain the sacred present
And forget the true nature
Of you, of us, of her, of me.
Were you given a star at school for good work?
a smiley face, very good or well done was a perk
I took all of these smiley faces into my soul
guaranteed for life to sustain my future role

Remember how art caught you out - I made a mess
and yet disaster was suddenly made good - more or less
now, woodwork led me to a great cutting edge
being allowed to take home my work was a privilege

metalwork taught me that flux was softer than butter
the words that arose within me - if only I could utter
mathematics made me figure things out - nothing I would lack
but when the master saw my red socks - he said: 'Get to the back.'

Then there was English - the best language to swear in,
such great enlightenment and depth will never come again
K Balachandran Mar 2015
White lotus, never let you forget this
you, I, or any other does not exist
outside the fiction cosmos weaves;
all of us add color to it each minute.

പ്രപഞ്ചം ഒരുകൽപ്പിതകഥ

വെണ്‍ താമരേ, ഇത് സ്വയം
നീയും ഞാനുമെന്നല്ല, എല്ലാമെല്ലാം
പ്രപഞ്ചം നെയ്തെടുക്കും
കഥയല്ലാതെ മറ്റൊന്നല്ല!
അനു മാത്രം ആ കഥയ്ക്ക്
നിറം ചേർപ്പവരാണ് നാം !
(Translated to Malayalam)
Universe is the imagination of the absolute.Creator and creation is no different.The cosmos in a state of flux  in it's essence is  an ocean of consciousness...

— The End —