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Feb 2016
Valentine of mine, quempress of the sublime,
Oriedjewel of the Filipino pool's, afire art mine
Eye's; to the ray's of thine beams.
This heart-shaped package is
Thy own, pull the string's;
And kiss mine being,
Touch mine breath.
Layest thine head
Upon mine *****,
Caress mine neck.
Unsharae with me,
A serenade fit for a king and queen,
Wherein the after-hours of moonlight desires, maketh
Budded roses and flower's out of thou and me. Mistaglare,
O' in season's fair; mine Valentine, mine love unwind, soak into mine bubble's, as the liquid wine. I'll stroke thy skin, thou wilt
Tour mine mind, as valentines shalt be felt, between ourn blood
Combined. Heaven's line's shalt be crossed by us, the sound's of Harp's, til' dawn and dusk. Perfumed pearly gates, therein fountain's gush. Ourn amour explodes, rainbow gold, freely spirit's, next to God's own throne. Telepathy as telephones, manor's with lantern's, heated ember glow. This the place wherein angel's roam, a place unknown; to unwelcomed guest's. A banquet full of peacefulness, none forgetfulness, as ourn satisfaction is apart of the attraction, O' how we conquer the valentenic terrain.

©Brandon Nagley
©Lonesome poet's poetry
©Earl Jane Nagley dedicated ( filipino rose)
Quempress- is a word I made up before and used- means queen and empress.
Oriedjewel- another word I made up- means oriental jewel.
Beams- Ray of light.
Afire.- burning or on fire.
Unsharae is a word I made- meaning be free as a child.
Mistaglare- is a word I created to- meaning ( an abundance of mystical things.)
valentenic is a word I made up- meaning valentines like.
Therein means- in that place. Archaic word.
brandon nagley
Written by
brandon nagley  Ohio,USA..
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