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brandon nagley Feb 2016
Valentine of mine, quempress of the sublime,
Oriedjewel of the Filipino pool's, afire art mine
Eye's; to the ray's of thine beams.
This heart-shaped package is
Thy own, pull the string's;
And kiss mine being,
Touch mine breath.
Layest thine head
Upon mine *****,
Caress mine neck.
Unsharae with me,
A serenade fit for a king and queen,
Wherein the after-hours of moonlight desires, maketh
Budded roses and flower's out of thou and me. Mistaglare,
O' in season's fair; mine Valentine, mine love unwind, soak into mine bubble's, as the liquid wine. I'll stroke thy skin, thou wilt
Tour mine mind, as valentines shalt be felt, between ourn blood
Combined. Heaven's line's shalt be crossed by us, the sound's of Harp's, til' dawn and dusk. Perfumed pearly gates, therein fountain's gush. Ourn amour explodes, rainbow gold, freely spirit's, next to God's own throne. Telepathy as telephones, manor's with lantern's, heated ember glow. This the place wherein angel's roam, a place unknown; to unwelcomed guest's. A banquet full of peacefulness, none forgetfulness, as ourn satisfaction is apart of the attraction, O' how we conquer the valentenic terrain.

©Brandon Nagley
©Lonesome poet's poetry
©Earl Jane Nagley dedicated ( filipino rose)
Quempress- is a word I made up before and used- means queen and empress.
Oriedjewel- another word I made up- means oriental jewel.
Beams- Ray of light.
Afire.- burning or on fire.
Unsharae is a word I made- meaning be free as a child.
Mistaglare- is a word I created to- meaning ( an abundance of mystical things.)
valentenic is a word I made up- meaning valentines like.
Therein means- in that place. Archaic word.
brandon nagley Jan 2016

O', mine equatorial lady,
There art none if's and's nor
Maybe's; when it cometh to
Ourn sentimental caru.
Beloved topaz, of citrine
See through. Indigenous
Wild child, of the
Philippines blue.


I shalt never forsaketh
Thee, monarch of the
Butterfly view. Thou
Hast given me bounteous
Company, O' reine,
Mine muse.


Afflatus of the supreme,
Hope to all mine dream's,
Without thee; I wouldst
Not be, happy and so free.
Nor couldst I believe, in
The future ambition's to
Come, mine baby blue's
Hath been opened Jane;
Because thou art mine
Soulmate, mine chosen

©Brandon Nagley
©Lonesome poet's poetry
©Earl Jane Nagley dedicated ( Filipino rose) dedication...
Caru- means love in welsh tongue.
Equatorial- Equatorial generally means "of or related to an equator". Equatorial may refer specifically to: Places: Equatorial region, a region of the Earth surrounding the equator.
Beloved- means dearly loved...
Topaz is - a precious stone, typically colorless, yellow, or pale blue, consisting of a fluorine-containing aluminum silicate.
Citrine- a glassy yellow variety of quartz.
Forsaketh--archaic for forsake. Or abandon.
Bounteous means- archaic for generously given or giving; bountiful.
afflatus means- a divine creative impulse or inspiration. Meaning she is mine inspiration.
Reine- is queen in french.
Wouldst- archaic for would.
Baby blues means - mine eyes (:::::
brandon nagley Dec 2015

Brandon and Jane
One heart pumping their blood;
Soulmates, eternal love.


Brandon and Jane
Names written on alleyway wall's;
Undiscovered by man,
Treasure's of God.


Brandon and Jane
Revealed for all to seeith;
Manifested to the naked eye
To her I seek to pleaseth.


Brandon and Jane
Together interconnected glow;
Ourn flower garden is planted
We art the growers of touching soul's.


Brandon and Jane
Mine flesh is her flesh, as tis her's is mine.
Mine pain is her pain, as tis her's is mine.
Mine name is her name
Filipino divine.
A kingdom with an empress
Jane sardua, lady of time.


Brandon and Jane
Coalesced in sacrosanct lullaby's;
As newborn infant's, and before the age
Of man we were to find. To find one another
In a moment's blinking eye, I kneweth her, tis
She kneweth me, I searched the beaches and thus
The sea's, as I landed in Clarin, Philippines;


Brandon and Jane
Forever to be,
Of soulmate
Seeds. Together

©Brandon Cory Nagley
©Lonesome poet's poetry
©Earl Jane dedication ( Filipino rose) poetry
Scintilla means - trace. Or trace of sparks .
Serene is peaceful.
Sacrosanct -(especially of a principle, place, or routine) regarded as too important or valuable to be interfered with. Also meaning like something sacred.
The two Greek titles or are just ways of writing it in Greek. Enjoy
brandon nagley Nov 2015

Coming out of the state of anabiosis, mine form was ripped and torn, mine adorn was battered and burned, I went through Hades whilst the pit of death's kiss shattered me in agowilt;


I was dying, in Hell's kilt; once a shape, now ***** in a pit of unsatisfactory demon's; roped, doped, bleeding.


The scaled creature's bit me, the ceiling's muck dripped me, whilst at mine ending breath's, a light shined forthward, a Filipino empress.


I was nothingness: a mess, molested, infected, by the realm of raven's nest's. That's when she thundered in, in Baro’t saya wonder; twas me who on the sea, on her lip's i swirled up-with Satan down under, mine tears hadst fluttered by like butterfly's; mine ghost awoke with Jane;


Twas, she was
Heaven on
Mine side;
She took me
For a ride,
Back to

©Brandon Nagley
©Lonesome poet's poetry
©Earl Jane Nagley dedicated ( Filipino rose)
agowilt- is sudden fear.. Fear!!! An archaic word now gone. .
anabiosis is- life after death. Or coming back to life from death.
Forthward- means forward in archaic form...
Baro’t saya means- the main dress for Filipino women. Or traditional...
brandon nagley Aug 2015

She isn't thy average
Typical being;
She sit's upon a loft
Only made for a queen.


Her bedstead is mine
We shareth ourn pillow;
I've never been so happy
Her love, pure as a meadow.


A battlement coordinates
Wherein we shalt be protected;
She's spiritually awoken me
Hari and his reyna, ressurected.


I shalt beget her, from her painful sleep
Now she's awoken, her face none more weep's;
Other's shalt Bestir us, from what they can't get
Though we shalt prevail, with love, forgiveness, them to forget.


Brigandine silver, shalt dress me in battle
For If beast's cometh close to mine queen, their boot's shalt rattle;
A Gilbertese I wilt carry, known as a shark tooth weapon
Mine Filipino empress is mine all, no faltering, none question's.

©Brandon nagley
©Lonesome poet's poetry
©Earl Jane dedication/Filipino rose......

— The End —