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brandon nagley Feb 2016

Alleluia, I proclaim, six month's it hath been, an eternestial
Keep. None need for word's to cometh out of mine mouth and lips, none need for mine sight to peep. For now; soundly do I sleep. Slumbering in mine dulcet Jane's deepest desires and wishes.


Every fibril of mineself, shalt be tucked away in her niches, warm and cozy therein I wilt abode; I wouldst selleth all possessions, to be next to her, though I knoweth patience hath
Us on hold.


In the meanwhile, we shalt cosmogyral, ground to air, a many whilsts. Creshinta lovenairs, O' another six month's wilt cometh again. A lifetime I looketh forward to, kindred spirit, best friend.


I will not cease, from building upon thee ourn bedrock, thus the ticking hand tick's away, and the minutes betray the clock's. In heaven amour, is where we do belong, with melodious angel's singing hymn's; and saint's to play ourn song. We wilt forever be, six month's from now, six year's, six generation's, six hundred fear's, six-thousand kisses, six million glares, six billon glimpses, of thee mine wife and me all ourn lives. In matrimonial bozeere.

©Brandon Nagley
©Lonesome poets poetry
©Earl Jane Nagley dedicated ( Filipino rose)
eternestial- is a word I made up, which means ( eternal and celestial) meaning eternal and heavenly.
Fibril- a small or slender fiber.
Niches- or niche- place or position....
Therein- means in that place.  
Abode- means stay...
Creshinta- is a word I made up meaning+( a love so true others can't and won't believe in it.. That's how good it is. (:::))))
cosmogyral means- whirling around the universe.
Whilst- means while. Whilsts- means more than a while lol.
lovenairs- is a word I made up- means lovers of the air.
Bedrock- fundamental principles in which somethings based!!
Bozeere- is last word I made up- it means- a bliss that can come from God alone. Not world's bliss.
brandon nagley Jan 2016

Feral escapees, from captivity,
Created with wing's, born to
Be free; not of society.


Jungle madness, surroundeth
The tree's, foliage of wed-lock,
Thou and me.


Accentor's creepeth the thicket,
Caples we rideth, babes of the
Cariole; astrology inside us.


Bimarian aqua, to overfloodeth
The dry, boscaresque detail's;
Rainbow's in open sky's.


Brabreum of a sound,
Musical citharize; I'm
Far aloft the ground,
Psychic's; clairvoyant's
On incline.

©Brandon Nagley
©Lonesome poet's poetry
©Earl Jane Nagley ( Filipino rose) dedicated
Feral means- in a wild state,
Wed lock means- getting married. Marriage.
Accentor's- or accentor means- a small Eurasian songbird with generally drab-colored plumage. ( song birds in other words)
Thicket- the trees.
Caples - are archaic for horses. Or caple. Is horse....
Babes- archaic for babies.
Cariole is- a type of wagon.
Bimarian means- bimarian: Of or pertaining to two seas.
boscaresque- means scenic place, of trees foliage so on. Rustic view.
Brabreum means- archaic for a prize or a reward.
Citharize is archaic for- to play the harp. Or to harp. Or harp.
Psychic' is-
relating to or denoting faculties or phenomena that are apparently inexplicable by natural laws, especially involving telepathy or clairvoyance.

a person considered or claiming to have psychic powers; a medium. Also relating to the soul and mind.
clairvoyant's- are having or exhibiting an ability to perceive events in the future or beyond normal sensory contact.

a person who claims to have a supernatural ability to perceive events in the future or beyond normal sensory contact.

— The End —