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Lady Grey Jan 2018
Stars are the world’s little nightlights
Gently twinkling
             In their own soft way,
Against the dark backdrop of the sky

Until you get closer.

Once you get closer to the stars,
They are much different

Swirling ***** of chaos and fire
Dancing waves of light and energy
Deadly and magnificent

Things to be admired
From afar
Cari Hannaford Oct 2015
My life had become dull and this is how it starts

You girls walk the halls like you're so perfect
But like a big **** star you blew

Kicking the geeks, gossiping about the poor
All you girls really have is a frozen heart

That girl over there lost her mother
And that boy over there was just sued
All you girls ever do is judge a book by its cover

And as the time withers away, you all soon lose your friends

Being left alone from all the gossiping that you did

You are now that loner in the corner

The girl you made fun of for crying now has your ex

The boy that looked homeless now has the cash

And now you're sat in the corner, playing at life's game

So here's to all you selfish people out there

Don't judge a book by its cover
Forgotten Dreams Jun 2014
Dear Random Strangers,
Your sideways glances and whispered remarks have been noticed.
What you think has no effect actually means the world.
I would like to ask you...
No...Beg you...
To please stop judging me because of the marks on my wrist,
Allow me the chance to tell you my story,
Before you put the damaged book in the trash.
I know my corners are dog-ear,
Yes some pages are ripped,
And my cover is torn and scratched.
But looks can be deceiving.

Random Stranger, I know we haven't met
But every time one person disregards me,
It becomes more easy to believe I am trash,
And it makes me want to throw myself away...

— The End —