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l o n e l y Dec 2018
i miss you marceline
a girl of the night,
a vampire, sharp teeth shining white
though the biggest fright
you gave me was when you left my sight
i spent so long waiting for you to come back and make it alright
its been so long, im almost used to being on my own, but not quite
i think of everything when im driving not knowing where i'm going
Alejandro O Jun 2015
Beautiful flame princess, where could you be?
Oh; Beautiful flame princess. so sweet, innocent, and serene.

Beautiful flame princess, I wonder if you could see that the universe has bought me to you.
Oh; Beautiful flame princess, I know you don't know me.

Beautiful flame princess, won't you light up those beautiful brown eyes through the universe I was able to hear you're cries.
Oh; Beautiful flame princess, I know you think I'm full of lies.

Beautiful flame princess , I was made for you.
Oh; Beautiful flame princess, won't you light up the sky. and if you're willing then I'm willing to try.

                                             Beautiful Flame Princess.
BG Ibañez Jul 2014

This magic keeps me alive
Its just you
and me--
The wreakage of the world

I'm afraid
You're going to lose me,
Yet I need to save you
but who's going to save

And I know you're going
To need me
with you
but I'm losing myself
I can feel myself
Slipping away
And its making me crazy

I remember that—
what it made me say
but I'm losing myself
I saw you frown
I swear,
it wasn't me.
It was the crown.

Please forgive me
For whatever I do
when I don't remember

This must be
So confusing
For a little girl

This magic keeps me alive

you pitiful old man.
You're so annoying,
you find me,
and start
hanging around
but you're really
really nuts
Just another lame excuse
to see me.

Man, It's getting me down.
I'd like to help you,
but I don't know if I can.
Every time I move, eventually,
I thought you were nuts,
You know, I'm actually glad..
. to see you.
I'm the one
I make this peom out of two songs from Adventure Time: I Remember You episode. Basically, it is a cento :D Enjoy!
Kagey Sage Jan 2014
Soon I'll be a work day chump
9 hours a day, 1 hour drive
each way
Satisfied the pay's above minimum wage
and I got the weekends free to drink and play

8 hours of impersonal lonely phone calls
next to people unlike me in every way
except how we're all paid
A headset be my cursed crown
I'll forget to take it off
when I leave for lunch downtown

"You're doing this for her."
I'll say to the framed question mark
atop my plastic desk
A future wife, another life
Don't let the exhaustive poison win
We're destined for other places
And darling, you'd leave me here
face it

But, your king is a thrill seeking breadwinner
Who shall conquer fertile forests
abound with cabin mansions, reindeer dinners
and more than 5 hours of weekday waking freedom time
Till then, I just wish I could promise you
I won't lose my mind

— The End —