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Oct 2018
Pretty little girl in red
Lying there upon the bed
Rememberin’ what the madam said
Might as well enjoy it

Trying to think about
All the things she did without
Of course she has her doubts
Her story hard to admit

Dropping out of PHD
She is only 23
Life is just a misery
Her bank ain’t got much in

Not quite thinking straight
Next client worth the wait
Mr Smith or Master Bate?
Look but no touchin’

*** with the lights off
She never gets a night off
Teeth ripping her tights off
No regard for her wellbein’

Seeing regular faces
Powder in wrong places
Feeling like a disgrace
Life’s got no meanin’

This story only goes two ways
A regular job with regular pays
Or seeing out her final days
Before ending the story...
of her life.
Based on an article I read.
Written by
Senti Mental  33/M/Uk
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