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Aidan Taylor Jul 2020
Silver beams of moonlight,
Pierce the starry night,
The sun has gone to sleep,
As the Watchman prepares to fight,
Behind the Southern Mountains,
A storm begins to brew,
The darkened clouds roll over,
And the ocean is no longer blue.
The Watchman is free of slumber,
As he looks upon the land,
He holds their destiny in his palm,
As it crumbles in his hand,
No one dares to combat him,
Of equals there are but few,
They live faraway in distant lands,
Near where the Pheonix flew.
One step it takes for him to cross,
From the Rolling Valley to River Dry,
And far above the sleeping bodies,
Sit the scornful Watchman’s eyes,
With each step the Earth will tremor,
And shake the huts below,
The plants they droop in bleeding sorrow,
As they can no longer grow.
He lets out a booming laugh,
That parts the darkened clouds,
As he thinks of his growing power,
That makes the Heavens shroud,
But in the distance a call is heard,
That mutes the Watchman’s laugh,
Upon a silver horse he rides,
The Chevalier splits the night in half.

Galloping through the ocean breeze,
The Chevalier quickly approaches,
Towards the mighty Watchman’s land,
On the darkness sunlight encroaches.
For this day the Watchman waited,
To fight off he who wants his throne,
This land is for him to own,
The battle horn has now been blown.
Down below the people rise,
From their slumber they awake,
And head outside into the street,
To see what will be their fate.
Rising above the rocky hill,
Appears a foreign man,
Perhaps he’s come to set them free,
And save them from the old Watchman.
The Chevalier is now upon them,
Pulling his horse to cease his run,
I’m here to save the village people,
But a reply he got but none.
Instead the Watchman cocked his head,
And screamed into the sky,
Do not threaten me now Horseman,
Or I’ll bury you in River Dry.
Blinded by his arrogance,
The Watchman failed to see,
The Chevalier draw his bow and arrow,
And plunge it in his knee.
Upon the Southern Mountains,
The Watchman slowly fell,
His body turned to Ashes,
And loudly rung the death bell.

Be gone my sweet People,
All People young and old,
Escape this wretched wasteland,
And free your desperate souls.
You’re no longer bound by his watch,
So seek another land,
Follow your heart and fill its desires,
And your life will be so grand.
Ma fine Muse
Je te jure passion indéfectible et courtoise
Vénération et totale soumission
Je suis vassal et dévôt chevalier
Prêt à guerroyer de tournois en tournois
Pour mon inaccessible dame suzeraine.
Tu m'as octroyé pour encourager ma flamme
Un mouchoir brodé de tes initiales
Comme gage de ton amour adultère
Et quand le désir de toi me ronge, me consomme
Et me brûle de jalousie
C'est avec extase que je presse
Contre mon front tes douces initiales.

Fais de ton fine et fol amant
Ce que tu voudras
Je suis ton esclave
Je ne cherche ni liberté
Ni affranchissement
Et s'il te plaît que je meure
Je mourrai de fine amour
En chantant la joie de ta beauté précieuse
Comme un troubadour et sa viole pieuse.
annh Feb 2019
Wherefore, Fortune bled and mortal wounded,
Will thou not relinquish heart nor hope?
Yet stand a part for truth, and duty bound
Do wield thy sword securely still.

wherefore (adv.) - why
a part (adv.) - as an individual, individually
securely (adv.) - confidently, with skill
Marie-Chantal Jan 2015
Jean Chevalier was
A Parisian man.
He led a simple life,
He had no big plan.

'La Résistance'
In took he part,
He felt it was right
In his Parisian heart.

The German soldier smirked,
Strapped in his ranks,
He looked down at Jean
And fantasised war tanks.

Jean was stuck in the métro
Since about half past three,
His stomach was aching,
A cigarette needed he.

The German Soldier, however,
Breaking the 'law',
Lit one up and
Opened his enormous jaw.

His pink, beefy face
Took a long drag,
Jean clung to his country,
Clung to his flag.

Jean gasped for a cigarette,
The soldier saw in his eyes.
But Jean managed yet
To stay dignified.

The soldier whips out a fresh one,
For Jean, condescendingly.
But without batting an eyelid,
Jean declares:

*"Non, Merci."
Merci Jean, tu as aidé Agnes Humbert et tu ne l'as jamais su

— The End —