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Every guilt trip you’ve hung above my head is what keeps me slouching.
The words pile out of your mouth
And my heart won’t slow down,
Melt into the bedroom floor,
Adrenaline makes me want to turn around.
Your hands grace the railing
As the screen door hinges shut
Long gone,
The pit in my stomach could have been enough.
chlorine Jun 30
Nicotine sits inside your pocket
So you will never feel out of place,
My dear,
I think you trace a familiar face.
I mark every tally,
A slash through the center
Should this last forever,
I’ll soon learn to surrender.
chlorine Jun 8
If love is like breathing
Would it feel like I'm dreaming?
Love is a breath
Coveting my chest
A cool embrace
Morphs into a sudden death
If love is like breathing
I don’t know what comes next.
chlorine Aug 2018
You are hell-bent,
nostalgic of the stitch in my stomach
and the simple repetition of my words.
A different season,
the same fears,
unknown intentions.
A lovers kiss feels like your drunken mistakes.
perfectly masked underneath sarcasm and closed eyes.

— The End —