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chlorine Mar 28
hesitate and wait
all the things I could say but
my mind drew a blank

rain droplets fall slow
an echo throughout the night  
I’m staying inside

possibility exists
when intent is not dismissed
poem I started but I don’t know what else to add yet :0
chlorine Mar 28
It’s 12:50
I’m falling asleep
loving deep, a bystander
to a subtle hearts critiques.
I have no idea what to title this
chlorine Mar 14
keep your distance
and proclaim your interest

I’m busy asking why
she smiles with her eyes-
what is that I’m meant to testify?

push the questions you deny, there is more than what meets the eye

the razor seems impossible
after overcoming the obstacle

it's time to adjust
but I’m busy searching for trust

a decision so abrupt
will take time to obstruct
chlorine Mar 12
I want to believe

but a thought sends me so far.
chastise my shadow until im gone
pick at the lies until they scar,
words cut like knives
yet mean nothing at all
the noise has no regard
I try so hard,  no one sees
the struggle to intervene
chlorine Feb 20
what love- bursting at the seams,
his manic eyes
translated the tendencies.
I look to the sky
and your resentments move like tides
how we will deny, and never ask why
the capsize or joyride
of an unruly sense of pride.
your mission to suicide
or the fear I felt as you died
the clouds became my guide
as I tried to make you stay inside.
you can decide
a flame will burn and we’ll collide.
writing = a powerful outlet
chlorine Feb 13
my tolerance is too low
to become apart of the know
to die, or burn slow
reluctant to flow
your perfect place to go
hidden underneath a rainbow
like a true indigo,
my quiet calypso
chlorine Feb 9
what is ideal-
the feelings would be real
and time could heal.

dreams are like silent visions
as if my participation was a given
your words are like hymns-
they reel me in.
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