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marie May 2021
embody my heart
and call it your art
I'll show you another view
maybe a different you
one you never knew
marie Mar 2020
It’s 12:50
I’m falling asleep
loving deep, a bystander
to a subtle hearts critiques.
I have no idea what to title this
marie Feb 2020
what love- bursting at the seams,
his manic eyes
translated the tendencies.
I look to the sky
and your resentments move like tides
how we will deny, and never ask why
the capsize or joyride
of an unruly sense of pride.
your mission to suicide
or the fear I felt as you died
the clouds became my guide
as I tried to make you stay inside.
you can decide
a flame will burn and we’ll collide.
writing = a powerful outlet
marie Dec 2019
the sign says “beware”
and toxic air is everywhere.
nightmares want you to become more aware
so it must be fair
that you aren’t the one who gets to feel their glare.
it must be easier for you to say “take care”
than to actually be there.
y e e t
marie Nov 2019
you and I
in the same space and time
is just undignified
my heart denied
dug up
you shut the door
and locked me outside
a sudden way to learn
the notion of goodbye
marie Nov 2019
mistaken as civil,
but I am just still.
I am just sitting.
remarkably still.
marie Oct 2019
a new dimension,
as warms tones welcome the cold air.
I watch the maple trees morph
they will shake off their dead weight
becoming bare
exposing their branches for a bitter winter.
firmly rooted,
safe and sound.
happy fall YALL. hope everyone is doing good and living their best life. thanks for reading :)
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