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I have a lot to write about
but I still don't know what words to say
I might have not thought about
what happens if you don't stay

I ran out to the car
left your glasses on the front seat
oh, I found your receipt
from the last time that we went out to eat

I am thrashing
underneath my sacred sheets
yeah, I thought that it was kinda neat
how you'd want to hang out every day of the week.
chlorine May 10
I will write for you
a poem or two
embody my heart
then call it art
my dear, I will write for you
I got nothing to lose
except for you
do you understand the words and their value?
my dear, I will write for you
and show you another view
maybe a different you,
the one you never knew.
chlorine Feb 11
I love seeing the pine trees covered in snow
because they are elegant;
the way they glow.
I wish everyday had that nostalgic feeling
but some days are tougher,
no matter the season.
I wish I was a pine tree covered in snow.
the blanket is cold,
but the feeling I get is warm.
sweet thoughts of the Holidays,
and giddy children laughing,
I think this time of year is lovely.
dear pine tree,
covered in snow,
do you know the beauty you behold?
chlorine Dec 2020
our leap of faith
is a bitter taste,
but a test of heart
is what will tear us apart.
chlorine Jun 2020
the sun rises to the East
beside the moon,
I hear them weep
I was only asleep.
they coincide
moon cycles,
I ask you why
how can you phase
and change-
and never wonder why.
chlorine Mar 2020
It’s 12:50
I’m falling asleep
loving deep, a bystander
to a subtle hearts critiques.
I have no idea what to title this
chlorine Mar 2020
keep your distance
but proclaim your interest

smile with your eyes
I wonder
"do I stand to testify?"

push the questions you deny
there is more than what meets the eye

the razor seems impossible
after overcoming the obstacle

it's time to adjust
but I’m busy searching for trust

a decision so abrupt
will take time to obstruct
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