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habiba May 2018
Do you live in a race, or must you race to live?
Do you enjoy your waters, or are you a pet fish?
If we sprang forth from the earth and grew unheeded,
Uncurbed, but never needed,
Would we have been better at living?

Is it better to have it done, or should you do it yourself,
At what point do you enjoy your fantasies, better than not being able to see?
Should the life of mankind be inevitable?
Maybe it already is. Maybe all this is a distraction

But again, the struggle, as they say, is real
Living is fighting, the wars, the battles, are not surreal.
For in every human being, there is something you conceal.
If we are atoms that science seeks to break down,
As like the seconds, minutes, hours are meant just for us.
And bigger things observe it as such.

Not to be mistaken for the snow globe scenario,
But instead likened to the trillion or so cells, that are observed,
in the human being.
SassyJ Mar 2016
A first exclamation
Is it an approximation?
Of my imagination
Spoken determination

We are all in delusion
Sinking possibilities
Acting on this activation
A brain improvisation

A flowing dedication
Mounted city destination
Lacking in co-operation
Mounted evaluations

Investing the cognition
Is not the only direction?
Embracing the investigation
My convergence recruitment

Not even words uncovers
The layered entrenchment
Sunken lost in introversion
A day dream of absolution
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— The End —