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skyy omalley Apr 23
Something catches the brown and white hamsters eye.
A carrot, left behind by someone else who likes carrots.
Fully intent, the hamster attempts to flee his cage,
But alas, the bars are too strong.

Many hamsters, run free,
But he who is afraid of his hamster; will not let it run along.
The longing for a carrot eats away at this sad hamster.
He does not want his hamster to starve, but he cannot risk it ruining his living room.

The carrot rots away, and the hamster is once again sad.
Jackal Mar 29
you are so small
and simple minded
pure and white
and your time
will come
too soon.
I was inspired by my hamster, Algernon
Abhi ASAP Dec 2019
There is no Hamster #1-3

The Hamster wakes up,
pounces straight out of bed.
He oils himself up from hip to head.

He goes to work in a big machine.
It turns and turns, round and round he churns.
Rodent mouths stand agape at his speed.
He’s an important hamster; he has his own wheel.

There’s a card on his desk, it’s his one year birthday.
“1-year-old me? I thought it’s just another Thursday.”
All his friends join in, from rodents to whales.
There is a big party, he even gets some tail.

Next morning he wakes, it feels like a new dawn.
“One year? I can’t believe it… A third of my life is gone.”
He has a moment of crisis – “Is this all there to life is?
It’s time for me to face the bitter truth.
Just for money, I’ve given up my youth.”

He skips work and goes for a sip in a bar.
From the corner of his eye he spots a Sloth.
Just idling on the couch, chewing on a leaf.
It could be food, but more likely it’s ****.

Next to him sits a dog, slobbering.
“Excuse me Mr. Hamster, sorry for bothering.
I couldn’t help but notice, you seem to be in a mood.
Your furry whites are a shade too blue.”

The Hamster says, “Let me ask you something.
If you could do anything, what would be that one thing?”
“Oh dear, I don’t think about this poo.
I am a dog, I am happy, no point thinking through.”

Eavesdropping, a parrot glides in.
“Why, that’s a silly attitude my friend.”
Life is what you make it, says the bird.
And promptly flies away, dropping another giant ****.

A Tortoise strolls in, and takes a seat.
“No rush, Bartender. I’ll have a whiskey, neat.”
Struck by awe, the hamster enquires.
“Sir, did you ever find what your heart desires?”

“Ah young Hamster, there is no magic spell.
Every night before I sleep, I look inside my shell.
I don’t know your truth, but one thing I can tell you:
it’s that you should look inside your shell too.
It takes time, and you do have to go far.
Before you were born, I was already on my way to this bar.”

The hamster leaves to do what hamsters do,
Ticket to India: “hello, just passing through.”
Spend a week in Goa, and start doing Yoga.
Takes care of his mind, and no sugar or soda.

And so after a week, the prodigal pup returns.
His mind is clear, he starts his own little firm.
He makes time to be outside with his horde,
Energy renewed, not a single day he’s bored.

Another week passes, and all is well.
Many pits of despair, he saw but never fell.
And one day he finds a large present in his room.
“Where did this come from?” – no one has a clue.
He feels a wet tail, as it starts to reveal,
“Oh my god, not this, not a Hamster Wheel.”

Hamster Facts:
- Hamsters have a lifespan of 3 years (depends on breed)
- Hamsters have scent glands in the hip area. They groom themselves to spread the oils secreted from these glands all over their bodies.
- A baby Hamster is called a “pup”. A group of them is called a “horde”.
- Wet Tail is a common disease in Hamsters, usually caused by stress or a sugary diet (but may have other causes)
Emily Nov 2018
Burning eyes.
Heavy eyelids.
Pounding head.
All indications of too little sleep.

Won’t shut up.
All descriptions of my too active brain.

If only my brain were as determined to experience
Sleep for an entire night,
Instead of pondering age-old questions,
Such as what will tomorrow bring?

Unfortunately, I cannot convince my brilliant, yet misled, brain that:
Lack of sleep will just increase tomorrow’s challenges, and
Thinking about potential events cannot minimize that simple fact.

Oh where can I get a hamster wheel for my brain, so the rest of me can finally have peace and quiet in which to sleep?
Xallan Oct 2017
They said that
They could fix him
They told his family
They could make him new.
Under heavy mists of anesthesia,
The nurses pass, they
Listen to Norwegian rap music.
The rattle of the cages
Becomes the roar of the bloodstream-
The noise he made was pathetic,
But he was only flesh and bone.
Cradling a club to battle, he
Won't fight, not ever again.
He can hear
The steady squeak
Of his pet hamster, who runs his heart
Who keeps it alive
Who keeps it pumping
Who keeps it going.
No one bows to
The monsters: mirrors, they say,
Strike fear into the hearts of men-
And terror into the hearts of babes.
But to his left, and his right
In the reflection, the hamster
Squealed in shock.
The horror seen in the mirror
What horror seen before?
An animal anew, a phoenix
Dusted in the ashes of a dozen other men
Rotten, risen from the grave
Tarnished hands, struck by lightning
Have felt the padded walls
As he holds his head
In his hands, his tears
No longer come to mind.
What have they done in his veins-
That immortal wound!
Strangely Frankenstein-esque
Nathan Raux Jun 2017
They may bark, meow or chirp,
Hiss, squeak or burp,
Pets or friends,
They're still there,
Your companions,
Whatever size or shape,
Are the best,
They have their tough times,
Dogs are always pooping and peeing,
Cats always have furballs,
Birds ****... everywhere,
Dogs always play with you,
Cats are there to let you pet them,
Birds are there to look... good and do tricks,
They may vary in intelligence and grace,
But one thing's for sure,
They're fun and exciting,
To see someone when you go home,
Someone to cry and lean to,
Someone that will always feel what you feel,
They lick you till you're comfortable,
Paw you till you notice them,
Breath at you,
Let you feel their heartbeat,
They have their different ways,
But one thing's for sure,
Their there to love you,
Companions till death,
Some might have shorter life,
But some have longer,
Than you can ever have,
Yet time always passes when they're there,
Love your pets,
Love your friends,
Companions are the best,
And with their presence,
You're sure to have fun.
Earl Jane Aug 2015

My heart broke today,
And tears gushing through my eyes,

Goodbye my choco.

© Earl Jane
♥ E.J.C.S.
A haiku, for my choco.

Oh how his death broke my heart. I just love him a lot, why would he leave me that way,.. huhuhu, is it my fault why he died? is my care not enough to make him live happily? oh my,. i was totally shattered. I will surely miss him.. :( :( :( :(
y i k e s May 2014
your mind is a hamster on the wheel

running, running, running
spinning, spinning, spinning

never knowing

when to stop
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