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One drop
Two drops
Three drops of tea
Spilled as I witnessed
They now connect
Emptiness it brings
Within the undisturbed
That holds the space
And stillness
To unfurl the moment
And let go
All things pass
#tea #buddhism
You stood there in front of me
Alive in the World tonight
Kept wishing there was something
I could say
But I didn't have the answer
Come closer
There is something that I feel
In your presence
And it's starting to emerge
Under a desolate star
I waited every moment for you
You are the true nature
Different from the rest of us
And you came
In your loneliest hours
You sing
In my lucid moment
Blissfully innocent
Your subtlety
I hear all night
Through my glass window
As you enter my ear
Drum-ming, humming
Leading every drop
Winning, whining
My complete attention

I close my eyes
As it dims
My night opens
Unmasked the vividness
Of your reality
Through your fragrance
As it travels into
Deep tunnel of my nostril
grows softly
Wearing your smile
In a golden aromatic saffron
Or Asian ripe mangoes

You silently pour
My earth's tongue
sweetened with your lips
Thick, I kissed
in thirst of your wetness
I taste you
Red, lush and succulent
you were inside
my torso
I drink you
down to my hips
My thighs, my shin
turns over
Tears of joy drip
as I empty you
Spreading your moistness
Drowning my weaknesses
Arousing our existence
As you fall on my shoulder
Filling my skin
Sparse like trees
In dying forest
Tossing, turning
I cannot sleep
Oh stop
Tickles my toes
I swear!
You were the same fellow
I've met
You just hit my ground
Not long ago
-Earth  (thankful to be moist again)
A drizzly Tuesday
Sun shall rise...soon
Be yours
Open up a page
Watch alphabets slam dancing
Soon 'comes poetry
The room was quite warm. My head has turned to look at you. You have caught my attention. Long after the stare, I saw you gradually appeared but you quickly faded away. I attempted and brought you back and soon embraced your presence. Every part of you is my discovery. Others do not see beyond your surface but I do.
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