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John K Trainer Jun 2014
Passion, wistful
Devouring, seizing, engulfing
Mellifluous voice of the soul
Chloe Sayre Jan 2013
Wise, good-humored
Loving, playing, existing
Teach me your ways
Purvi Gadia Oct 2014
spicy, cheesy
slipping off our fingers
topped with happiness, joy and love
Delight !

©2014 Purvi Gadia
My very first and exciting attempt in writing a cinquain..... For a challenge
Kate Little Sep 2010
Blossoms with care
As a soft yellow rose
Tended with an innocent love
Brings joy
© Words by K A Little
All Rights Reserved
Margo Lackritz May 2012
Yummy, Juicy
Tender, Meaty, Scrumptious
You can get any kind you would like
John K Trainer Nov 2014
condemned, invisible
frightening, menacing, terrifying
hope is seeing light in the darkness
Purvi Gadia Oct 2014
Ice cream
flavored with sweet pleasure
refreshing the soul within us
My second try to write a cinquain....... For a challenge in a club
Jared A Washburn Jun 2015
You’re brave,
Beyond a doubt
The strongest woman known;
A testament to your strength.
A poem to my wife when she was pregnant with our son.
quaintwhispers  Sep 2015
quaintwhispers Sep 2015
******* I don't need
Kate Little Sep 2010
The leaves
Twist gold and red
and drift like butterflies
to earth, settling on crisp, cooled ground
A shawl
© Words by K A Little
All Rights Reserved
Chloe Sayre Sep 2012
My love
Rests on imaginary nails.
My body 'neath moonlit willow trees,
The siren calling, "Hari Krishna!" Pulling the monk
Out from
Under dreams of harmony and peace, to place
Love back in it's proper hierarchy.
Tossing his silken gown,
We prey.
Chloe Sayre Sep 2012
Oh, Laridae,
all feathers and beak,
how we do adore your screech.
Granted, puffy, squawking bird, anything you may beseech.
Our sweet
Kleptoparasite of beach. House it anytime we meet,
with brute force and shellfish plea,
you'll be the king
of seas.
ashley m Mar 2014
Our past
Lights gone, days end
Over-thinking, waiting
Reminiscing, without you, Love
Kills Me!
While in class, we were told to make a Cinquain. And since most of my friends are into relationship and experiencing break-ups. I end up writing this. Lol.
Oh! Love, I'm still young for that.
No matter how long it takes, true love is always worth the wait x

— The End —