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  Sep 2015 KiingRie
Falling in love is easy
Staying in love is hard
  Sep 2015 KiingRie
Frank Ruland
Clench thine chest; feel each tremor in your spine
rattling the Dead we all harbor inside
Cherish every cardio-clysm, lest you flatline
Just because your heart is beating does not mean you are alive
KiingRie Sep 2015
I'm kinda stumped on poems so can anyone message me ideas on what to write?
KiingRie Sep 2015
I feel lost without you.
You numb my pain.
You're the reason I smile.
Now I'm all alone.
The pain is coming back slowly.
You're gone.
I'll never find anyone as good as you were to me.
I'm alone.
Everyone is gone.
I was in love.
You left, everyone left.
I'm alone.
I "stole" this from Jathen Hall because its how I feel 24/7 so I didn't want to "copyright" or whatever so this isn't mine all Jathen Hall
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