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Renea Mar 2018
She's hiding for the world
Not saying a word
Scared of what they would say
Wanting only to be free like a bird

You see, she has a song in her heart
and a sea of though in her head
But when guys look they think of a bed
They want only in her pants
For which she wont grant

The guys they get angry
They say shes a **** for not sleeping with them
She cries not knowing shes a gem

She has only ever know pain
She seems so drained
She's started eating very little
Now she's like a grain

She though it would make the bullies stop
To be paper thin
But when she learn the truth
She used the blade like a pen against her skin

She hides
She hides it so well
She doesn't have a tell
But she now only a shell of her former self

She's a girl hiding
Kim Essary Mar 2018
A fever consumed my two year old body, lasting for days then into weeks, burning like fire, and when this fire fled my being it left with a vengeance leaving destruction that would rain on me every single day and remind me when I looked in the mirror of the pain my scarlet fever made.
As my eyes grew weak as the fever stayed within, left the damage of my muscles for my eyes to both cross .
Throughout the years from such a young age I dealt with the fact of my difference from other kids but not me oh no I did not feel bad for me at all   only because my daddy taught me all my life to have pride and always stand tall , never say , I can't or not even try, never give up on anything , try not to question why,. Be the best at all you do and stop at nothing less , if it's been done once it can be done ahain, if it hasn't there's always a first, ,that mirror holds an image of what the world may see , an **** Duckling in their eyes but my daddy hurt for me worse than I did so he paid to fix my eyes . At the age of 13 I lay silent on a stretcher ready to go to sleep so when I woke I could look straight with both eyes .
After the stitches and bandages were removed I was ready for my reveal, as my daddy held a mirror to my face I saw his tears raining down his check, I peered at the person staring back at me as she was much different than the one before
I dropped the mirror as I started to cry as my daddy held me tight , he whispered softly so only I could hear , my baby girl thank you dear Jesus, as you have turned from the **** ducking so people said to the most beautiful swan of all
There wasn't much medical help back then so my scarlet fever ran it's coarse leaving damage for a lifetime bit making me the person I am today
Poetic T Dec 2017
They may have this moment,
          immature gestures of
  what lies beneath there misgivings,
of pushing me against the walls of
                                    my self-esteem.

They may have this moment,
           glancing words,
          reverberating, like fingertips
                      on crystal shards,
within the static frailty of
                                        my self-worth.

But my moment was when,
                            I realized I wasn't
It was all about there need for control
on a world that has none.
        And I'm no longer there's anymore.

My words of thanks, yes your quite charming!
With your systematic verses, but you need to
vary oneself.
As you sound like a repeat of
                       last nights show... And repeats get boring.
So what manner of vocabulary, abusive motions
do you want to play out?? if none please just move along...
Doesn't matter what you look like
If you wear the right clothes
Or have the latest gear
People will find some excuse to bring you down.
Bullying is wide spread
In schools
In the work place

If you wear glasses
You don't fit in
If you have blue hair
If you are loud
You will still not fit into society.

If you don't work
You're get classed as a lay about.
You need to have an education
A good job
Your own house
Or even a car
Then you will be accepted.

You see this world
Is selfish all it wants is power.
That's why these extremists
are violent and commit  crime
Control ....
And it all comes down to one thing the form of evil..
Autumn Salvo May 2014
It started when i was 12. the nights seemed shorter. the days were long. the school bells ring. all my wrongs seemed right. all my rights seemed wrong.
It started with weird. and escalate quickly. The tears started to come. and i believed it was fate. I was insecure. But they said they only saw beauty. to as far as the eye can see. but yet... they took my dignity. They took my self love. and locked it away. thats when it all started. i wasnt me.
i know im not the only kid who feels like this. Everyone has their bully. everyone feels low sometimes. But with the words the throw. sometime hits us and sometimes will miss.
She got laughed at for her wheight.
She soon thought eating was a mistake. People teased her for not eating. She sat alone in the empty seating. She thought she was alone.
Then there was boy. who stood alone. no one by his side. He thought about all the times he cried. His mother never wanted him. his dad soon left. He was put onto a different family tree.  No in his life stayed.  
Time flew into eighth grade. the names the call him never went away. They kept laughing and laughing and he did fade. He talked therapist; that made him strange. He got depression pills. And got wrapped in a tidal wave of a full suicidal. and then he got called popper.
Us kids were so different the built us our own jail. so hail mary full of grace. where were you when i needed you. But i dont go to bed. its all in my head. they say. instead of helping. they hurt. and in all this jail. we still have secrets. these walls are the only things that see us at at our weekest.
Then we think like this. we think we are nothing and that no one will ever love us cause we are freaks. we must try. We try to build the sun for that one person. but they reject us. We see only wrong, cause we will always be wrong in someones eyes
But when you hear these names you must stop hearing. turn off all the sound. and be alone. Remember its all lies. Youre eyes will be tearing you will feel space bound. and feel a lone.
And when they break youre heart. you must wrap in a cast. take a pen. sign it. sign it. saying they are wrong. They have to be wrong. cause they live in the past. focus on what youve done. They lie to youre face. when they call you a name. tell them they lie. at least try. cause the first in hating something, means you once loved them. you once saw the beauty. then theyd throw you away. But how can they hate someone. when all there is, is beauty.
To this day, kids are still being called names and i dont think it will ever stop. there will always be blame. there will always be harm. but youre always going to be able, to see the beauty.

— The End —