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Aaron LaLux Jun 2016
Another Day in The Life

Another flight,
another day in the life,

don’t know why I still write,
don’t know what’s wrong and right,

don’t really know what’s going on anymore,
don’t trust any of our politicians,
well except for maybe Bernie,
none of our politicians seem trustworthy,
well none of them except for maybe Bernie,
the rest are just a bunch of criminals,
she’s under an FBI investigation,
but she knows the DA so she’ll probably be okay,
the DA’s name is Lynch and she’s close with Hillary,
the DA’s name is Lynch how ironically appropriate,

then there’s Trump,
he’s under investigation too,
I suppose what do you expect,
from a country of criminals,

The good ‘ol US of A was built on the back of slaves,
slaughtered thousands of Native Americans,
and the one’s that survived got placed onto Reservations,
yes they’re really called Reservations,

not to be rude but I’m still on the move,
with everything to gain and nothing to prove,
even though I still don’t know the destination,

on another flight,
another day in the life,

don’t know why I still write,
don’t know what’s wrong and right…

∆ Aaron LA Lux ∆
Thoughts on a plane...
Senator Bernie Sanders
has been invited to the Vatican
by the Pope, himself,
and Mr. Sanders
graciously accepted.

I just gotta wonder
"how's that for 'auspicious?'
I mean:
in this Presidential Election
where every other candidate
flaunts their unflinching 'faith'
as a means to woo potential voters,
how perfect
that the belittled underdog
is summoned to meet His Holiness
as the others, without fail,
put their feet in their mouths
and proceed
to valliantly shoot themselves in the foot,
yet the voting populous
doth so seem to revel in the spectacle.

What a show!
ash Mar 2016
My life is a fashion show,
My country's flag is a poster,
The stars are check marks off a shopping list,
And my future president wants to build a barrier to keep us in-
And keep the rest of us out.

Outside I hear a child
Calling out to the world and begging,
Screaming that he'll see change.
Swearing that if he can have a chance
He will see himself.

The television buzzes.
I am not sure what it's saying
But the colors tell me that I'm not supposed to know.
And each time I try to understand
I am to expect a slap to the wrist.

My future president has a lot of money;
I've seen pennies fly out of his mouth.
His heart is grey and his eyes glow red
But I've been taught to believe in the colors and I'm not supposed to know
What they mean.

My cats are unaware
Of any inconvenience.
Whether we change the world or not,
They'll find food in their dishes daily.
They will have a human to curl up next to.

The trees are sad today.
Earth knows it will fall victim
To this vile mess of waste and greed
Only to serve a species with no mind to realize
That we're meant to care for that which gives us life.

I've been watching reruns
Each day I have spent in this life.
Nobody wants to hear the truth.
Nobody wants to believe working together will change the world,
But hasn't the world been at war this whole time?
Sean Flaherty Mar 2016
In the distance, outside the door to
your basement, a crowd
the Star Spangled Banner.

All swirl-eyed, and promising water,
a circled-hiss, a lie.
Fox-headed, and painting Old Glory
onto his chest, to the amazement
of even the millionaires.

In a dark room, eyes roll back,
towards Wellesley. Eternally, hung
on the wall. The
patriarch, shaking the hands of
your grandfather.
Dreaming of the
late 1960s.

The mountain, surrounded by
The Gods throw bolts, and
fireworks, at-You, through the
television set.

From the cinder, on the lawn,
of a house, on-fire and crumbling,
the kids
are catching flame.

And if all goes as planned then
the bonfire's a beacon,
we're not going anywhere.

We are the rocket's red glare.
Garnering hope from those
driving to work.
Hitting the light switch, to
see the results.
Trying to look for America.

Bernie 2016
Vote. If you're so inclined, vote for Bernie.
Ron Gavalik Feb 2016
At the Bernie Sanders rally on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day in Alabama, a middle-aged woman in the crowd fell to the floor from illness. The entire rally silenced. All 7,000 attendees turned their focus to her welfare. When the medics arrived, the crowd erupted into cheers, a heroes’ welcome. The people then applauded the ill woman once she regained the ability to walk out of the event.

Two weeks prior, at a rally for the authoritarian populist Donald Trump, three white men stomped a black man. He’d worn a t-shirt that read 'Black Lives Matter.'
Observation of the political realm in 2016.

— The End —