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LovelyBones Jun 2017
A fat little girl
A small little child with curly brown hair
Chubby, pink cheeks with skin so fair
Eats, enjoys, indulges and more
Everyone says "she's full for sure"

A fat little girl
A sweet little girl, with long pigtails
Sees all the girls, and wonders why she fails
They all have friends, but why doesn't she
How come they're all so happy

A fat little girl
A shy little girl, afraid to face her school
Everyone laughs, she's fat and 'uncool'
Sitting alone each and every day
Wondering why they treat her this way

A fat little girl
A mature little girl, much for her age
Looks at the number on the scale enraged
Hating herself and what she's become
Wishing to see all her bones such as some

A fat little girl
A fat little girl, no food on her plate
Determined as hell to lose all this weight
Her friends and her family, see her each day
More and more frail, withering away

A sick little girl
A skeleton of a girl, who once was happy and bright
Her eyes now dark and hollowed at night
Clinging to life with her small, bony hands
Regretting all childhood reprimands

A dead little girl
A dead little girl, now merely a corpse
Leaving everyone behind feeling remorse
A closed casket service, nothing left to show
Wants to be be remembered as we all know
LovelyBones Jun 2017
I'm tired of playing this game back and forth
I'm tired of fading away
I don't wanna be in a hateful place, but something is making me stay
I'm tired of cutting and starving and dying
I yearn for a glimpse of light
Really I'm just fed up with trying
Lost in the blackness of night
I want to recover I don't want to hide
And show people what's me
And let them know that healing can be a reality
LovelyBones Jun 2017
What is life?
Is it a time or a place?
A new opportunity, perhaps just a race?
A world of experience, whether good or bad
A marvelous adventure of fun to be had?
Is it maybe an object, and item or two?
Is it a belief, a value of few?
Perhaps it's a person, or maybe career?
Isn't there more than that to hear?

But I think life's pointless, each day the same
Shooting blindly with nothing to aim
LovelyBones Jun 2017
i know of a place where I can't be harmed
a beautiful place, wrapped up in your arms
your heart is my peace, it's ache is my sorrow
hearing it beat is the promise of tomorrow
you're eyes are my window, to see all that's great
you've opened my soul to appreciate
your body, my armor, your touch, my shield
both strong weapons that only i wield
your voice is my song and your face is my light
while your soft hands hold me, safe from the night
LovelyBones Jun 2017
Take out your knife
Carve out your sins
Never forget  where your story begins

Lay down your head
Listen to me
This is not how it's supposed to be

Lay down, pick up the knife
And think of your life
Give up slowly

Get that cigarette
It's not over yet
When you're addicted, addicted, addicted
To dying

Shut off the world
Farewell little girl
Now put down your head
We're better off dead

Fighting with life
No end in sight
Wish you were dead
Cut ****** and red

Lay down, pick up the knife
Think of your life
And give up slowly
Take that cigarette
It's not over yet

When we're addicted, addicted, addicted
To dying
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LovelyBones Jun 2017
Hiding from fear, ignoring the pain
None of yourself is there left to regain
          Falling slowly, slipping away
          Waiting for sleep that calls demons to play
                      Wishing for death to come fly you elsewhere
                      Smiling again with this last breath of fresh air
                                 Pop open the bottle, one handful; not enough
                       Swallowing 50, I promise, is tough
                       Heart is now racing, I think I'm flying!
           But unaware that I'm actually dying
           Closing my eyes, then awaking once more
Seeing the white coats open the door
LovelyBones Jun 2017
See no fading scars, remember no pain
Let out your feelings as free as the rain

Remember those loved, respect those lost Lives came to an end at too great of a cost

Think of the child, with curled locks of hair
Her innocent face with complexion so fair

Look at her smile, look at her dance
What would she do if given the chance

Forgive her of wrongs, relieve her of doubt
Tell her there's a much better way out

Imagine her smiling and dancing again
Happy little family, hand in hand

So now my children, listen to me
All can accomplish recovery
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