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Mar 2020
I'm often taken back,
to the moment you were lost.
I can't help myself from asking,
could you have known the cost?

The pain was hard to handle,
it grew deep inside of you.
sweet relief knocked at your door,
but its promise was untrue.

Its visits started slowly,
then its power quickly grew.
blinded by its pleasure,
it warmed you through and through.

At first I made excuses,
for all the heartache that you caused.
your past  had not been perfect
and you struggled with its flaws.

I knew that I could fix you,
if I learned to do things right.
so I came to your rescue,
and attacked with all my might.

But the evil built up strength,
sometimes tearing me inside out.
the lies and disappointments,
helped to feed into my doubt.

The demon was persistent,
and haunted you at night.
breaking any self control,
by using all its might.

My heart shattered to pieces,
as I watched you  disappear.
the person looking back at me,
saw a future that he feared.

Then that bitter call came in,
on a gorgeous winter day.
the sun that shined so brightly,
quickly turned to grey.

There were so many questions,
we never got the facts.
emotions got the best of me,
my heart fought to relax.

The guilt was hard to handle,
as I faced it day to day.
blaming myself harshly,
because I hadn't known the way.

I struggled to find peace,
and prayed to God above,
begging for forgiveness,
and needing all his love.

The words spoke to me softly,
and the truth took root within.
the grievous battle, that was lost,
was never mine to win.
Thinking Out Loud
Written by
Thinking Out Loud
   ryn and lX0st
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