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World is full of vultures and hounds
Meanest go on groundless grounds
Vicious cross a place out of bounds
Human faces have snake like sounds

Women follow Satan to his ***** den
Vicious circles include when all men
******* intentions accompany then
Their fates are already written by pen

I can not forget that ***** and *****
Which proved to be like a real witch
Virtue is solace vice ,a ditch after ditch
Let me take her on to switch to enrich

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow
Frank Ruland Jun 2015
C E A S E F I R E!
Stand down and halt this ire!
HP* is meant for poets and their writing,
not stupid schmucks inciting all this fighting!
I'm [SIC] of all you Trolls -
your *"critiquing's"
getting old
Guess I gotta be the one to break the mold
You're a critic? I'm a skeptic
The filth from your mouth is all septic
Heathens like you aren't happy unless everything is hectic!
Notice the lack of reciprocity?!
I laugh at your animosity
Your delusions are lost on me
Bullies buried between your yesterdays
Tomorrow, you won't even be a memory
The only thing in jeopardy is your identity!  
Some pseudo Godsend playing Devil's Advocate!
Svengali's soul didn't have half your tensity!
Lashing out at poets, you sadistic faux-et
That's a play on words, and I bet you didn't even know it!
Get outta my house, I'm dropping rhymes
Mr. God and Beryle are puppets and mimes
Egos aplenty, but your hearts are all empty
I'm not even mad, in fact I'm amazed
I wish I had half the time that you waste
attacking poets in your hateful haze
Your criticism is cynicism -  your words are all wrong
This is a ceasefire - let's all get along
HP is a Haven where all poets belong,
so get with the program, or get your *** gone
I'm sick of all the Trolls, people. I know they are needlessly belittling great poets on this site for no reason other than to antagonize us and pleasure themselves. Their "critiquing" is bullying in disguise. All their criticism are just lies. HP is not a place for all this stupid cyber bullying. Seriously. There are actually REAL people whose feelings are getting hurt. They pour their hearts out to hundreds of people, only to be bullied and ridiculed. I'll call out all the Trolls, if I have to. Bullying is bullying.
Leal Knowone Mar 2015
felt like spring time, when I didn't know you were like winter bitter and cold
animosity is passion, life ambition set free. mercy me, why have mercy on you. hypocritical fields covered in the idea of your scattered remains. yet there is still hope for some form of humanity in my brain
Frank Ruland Nov 2014
I am no stranger to living with this anger.
There are white-hot coals coals in my throat,
because Hell's been embedded in my heart.
An inner conflagration, which puts it all in danger.
The whole ******* time, my soul I did devote,
but you took my everything, then tore it apart.

I can feel the fire surging in my veins,
every single second of every single day.
There's nothing I can do to drench this rage,
because I chased your starlight all in vain.
All the lights went out, and soon I lost my way.
I opened my eyes, but found myself in this cage.

I lie awake at night with fury gripping my brain.
Inside I seethe--hoping dreams to take me away,
but I wake up to the nightmare of another day.
Fervid animosity makes me wish I was insane,
but no straightjacket would silence voices in my gray
matter, or even start to help me feel like I'm okay.

Where I should see skies of blue, instead they're red.
I'm cursed with storms and Smoldering Skies,
for leftover grace is tossed to the incinerator.
Transfuse me with enmity as I'm being bled.
I'd rather suffer that than look into your eyes,
because those furnaces are spite generators.

But, what's worse than this is what's beneath.
Beneath all the hatred and fickle flames
which wrack me with unforgiving venom,
is the pain and hurt that screams underneath.
You hurt me in ways that aren't worth the blame.
All I ever wanted was love you and know Heaven.

I shout to world in all my frustration
that I've been wounded and left for dead.
Angry, scorned, embittered, though I am--
it doesn't begins to measure up to my desperation.
I cry for so long that it starts to hurt my head,
and as this sorrow consumes, it's hard to stand.

I've never felt such melancholy before
and I'm not sure just how to cope.
I'll throw myself into bottomless depths of rage
because the anger separates me from my core--
the epicenter of my death of joy and hope.
Maybe one day, this story, I can turn the page.
You did this to me.
Why are people intentionally cruel and malignant?
Are they too blind to mistake their Achilles’s heel for their forte?
Or do they intentionally enjoy obliterating anything that comes their way?
Indubitably, reeling into their self-destruction and collapse as the roof caves.

Repelling any benevolence into their lives,
They will close all doors with their narrow minds.
Atrociousness will prevail and set forth unfathomable tongues of rhyme.
Seeking insatiable supremacy governing in disguise.

Clearly oblivious to the detrimental exploits they expose,
They will lead a life that is solely self-imposed.
Cultivating an environment of animosity is not astute you see,
People will always revolt and eventually be set free.

Unless you morally evolve and realize you have wronged,
You will embark on a journey that will negatively consume your soul.
It begins with your physical state, depleting with every irrational action you make.
Ultimately, deteriorating your body into an anemic vegetable state.

Reeking of insecurities through the infusion of wretchedness and despair,
your life will begin to turn inside out transforming into an eternal torment of misery and hell.
However, it's never too late to change your tyrannical direction.
It's only compassion, empathy, and altruistic love that will be your salvation.

By: Michael M. De La Fuente
"Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend." - Martin Luther King, Jr.
Matthew Harlovic Oct 2014
Someday soon we will be holding hands instead of grudges

© Matthew Harlovic
Frank Ruland Oct 2014
This is where the line is drawn
Hell will be your welcomed dawn
Instigations from a hapless pawn
Shaking my head, as I yawn.

Meaningless slander, blasphemy
Earache; now another enemy
Anticipated your upheaval, enmity
Now, I sit back as your legacy
Slowly sinks so splendidly.

War? I will be your decimation
And let this be my proclamation:
R**etreat, or suffer humiliation."

— The End —