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Kara Jean May 2016
She was electric in hot pink heels
That's why he ******* hated her
Her tight black pencil skirt helped her to prevail  
His ego a morsel in comparison to her priorities
Once a love now devoured
A misery deserved
He was a mistake in the making
Confidence she held to a high society
He was a risk never worth taking
Love is a disgust, as he held her hand in front of a judge
He took a life time opportunity for granted
Her strong will had excelled planning
His **** button up shirt and shiney shoes is all he has left
Dismantled, his pride is nonexistent  
She a constant certanty
Walking with narccism pink arched bow ties, she has no reason to cry
Marla  Nov 2018
Kill me now
Marla Nov 2018
**** me now while I'm not sad,
While things are great
And I'm not depressed.

Flay me like you would a crook,
One who's stolen from you
And burned up all they took.  

Lay me down on the marble slab,
Rip my entrails out and hang
Them from an oak stand.

Let me be now that I'm gone,
You didn't want me then
Don't try and fake a sob.

Bury me from head to toe,
Your ashes will keep me cool
As the flames burn away my woes.

**** me now that you've squeezed
All the life out of my veins.
I hope the blood stains your soul
And drowns your heart in pain.
Marla  Dec 2018
Marla Dec 2018
Holidays spent on countless charades,
Predicting all of your plays
And gauging all of your games.
You're driving me insane!

I'd much rather fry cheese on the moon-
Than see your face...
Anytime soon.
Oh how pointless life can be
When every reverie
Is infected by your dull surprise.

Condescensing looks descend
Into words written in books,
Like backhanded comments
Striking my face blue.
With you I'll never find paradise.

Now it's time to turn you off,
Beckon you with a drunken scoff
And eject you from my life.

Happiness is but a loved child
Lurking within the minds
Of the abused set free
To let their hearts run wild.
Do you think they'll drop the bomb?
Marla Feb 20
I see you laying there
With your evil eye
And believe me when I say
I despise you.

Your wicked ways
Caught me in a daze
As the hollow haze of monotony
Consumed my gleeful soul.

Well, guess what?

I've climbed out of my hole
And threw you down in my stead,
Because your cruel agony
Will no longer pierce the walls
Of my head!

The deed is done!
I've struck a match and the pitch
Has caught,
As I implore you to
Landybby  Nov 2018
Landybby Nov 2018
I used to believe in diversity
until I was taught conformity
they installed a new identity
they made me follow uniformly
they took away my creativity
and expected me to embrace my individuality
I ask myself about their animosity
and wonder what it means to have equality

You see equality means
That we are all equal
It means we are treated equal
Given the same and equal chances
But no one is the same
But unique in their on way
There is beauty in our uniqueness
And that's why we should inspire
Individuality and not make people behave uniformly
Give people a means to express their creativity
And not be put down just because of their diversity
I want a world where equality is reality
And we all have our own identity.
Growing up in South Africa and going to school here a lot of one's creativity is limited through students having to wear uniform and having so many different cultural backgrounds. This poem was written in order to express my feelings on this matter and to express the beauty in diversity.
Kara Jean  Jun 2016
Kara Jean Jun 2016
A hail storm of tears roll down your chest
I feel you are near
Your warmness wasn't sincere
Harness your empathy and color clear
Pierce the molded statue held together by strong glue and fear
You seem to be ignoring the address
Instead you only here muddled up curses of vulnerability
Hurt feelings you developed as a system to keep you safe
Creating a type of gunk around your face
It's thick film is nothing but a temper angry
I am sorry no one assisted you in modifing your animosity
You will forever be stuck immature and hating
You could always let go of resentment and regret

but then

You would have to forgive
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