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blackbiird Mar 23

in the wilderness
i found Your love
a love deep enough to
penetrate the walls of my heart.

in the wilderness
You spoke to me with
a tender voice
calling me home.

in the wilderness,
i fell in love You for
the first true time.

in the wilderness,
You stripped me bare
to make me whole.

Speaking Eyes Jun 2018
And I told you to don't waste your time with me…
trying to pull you apart from me
trying to “stay safe”
Just because I was too afraid of loving again

I'm glad you stayed…
I'm glad you never gave up
I´m maravelloused with your amazing way to love me
you took me out from that cave I was hidden

Sometimes we're admiring those love stories at the movies
But is just our desision become the protagonist
of our own love story.

Ours is being writting with so much love,
with admiration and friendship
with comprehension
with intelligence and antics
with laughs and healing tears
with support
with a vibrant passion
Ours is being writting with the best of us!
I was passing though a hard divorce... and I just don`t wanted to even think of love. But life slapted in my face with an incredible man LOL. I tried to run from him, even I tried to pull him appart from me, but he stayed, he demostrated me that maybe we can plan our vacations, but we can`t plan who to love an when to love... I just love him so much.
Sayuri143 May 2017
Thanks for the struggle and pain,
If it weren't for these things,
My knees would never bend for humility,
My head would never look up crying for pity,
And my heart would never yearn for Your presence to reign.

In my weakness, Your strength is made perfect.
princessninann May 2015
to know you is to know a king
to see you is a good feeling
to miss you is a crazy thing
to love you is really amazing
love is magic.

— The End —