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princessninann Jun 2020
Woman stares out the window
Her heart beats faster
Her hands tremble with joy
She knows he will come

Woman holding his hope
He left to do his purpose
She never said “Don’t leave”
Her desire is his happiness

Woman is selfless
She faithfully waits
Her sadness is not hidden
And brings it on his journey

Man, you did not leave
But went to your calling
Her love will keep you strong
Your courage is from her

You fought with her love
You stood with her tears
Her hope is your shield
Her faith is your sword
When a man goes to a journey, he fights his war, he journeys to find his calling and she waits because she loves him.
princessninann Feb 2019
Before the world began
He wrapped me in His arms;
He hugged me and I felt His warm.
God chose me and it's not because of who I am!

I did not chose Him
He did not even come to mind.
I chose His enemy
Who rejected me and full of lies.

God chose me and I'm part of His family
The truth that He chose me is not worldly.
He saw in me all the good and ugly,
Still, He gave His Son at the calvary.

I am not an accident, I am not a mistake
God chose me and there's nothing to break.
God loves me and it's up to me if I stay
I chose Him and in Him I have my faith.
princessninann Sep 2017
Nothing looks good.
Nothing looks fine.
My soul is weak.
My lips can’t speak.

I desire pleasure.
I despise pain.
I am running in circles.
I am running away
princessninann Jan 2016
I want to write
I want to think
I want to express
I want to show.

for him? for you?
Love? Faith? Hope?

I want to write for the glory of God.
Give me back my pen.
Because I'll write for the One.
And I'll write about His Love.
princessninann Jul 2015
i was breathing so hard
my tears started to come out
it hurts to know that I hurt you
i am pathetic and i feel painful

i was breathing heavily
i want to shout and cry
get out from my house
so no one could hear the misery of my heart.

i was crying so hard
i can't feel my breath
am i going to lose it
or am i going to lose him?
princessninann Jul 2015
Trust shouldn't be our problem.
Because Love is not love without Trust.
princessninann Jul 2015
Our sharing of "I LOVE YOU" is my favorite part.
Because it's not the conversation of our lips, but of hearts."
I love you ❤
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