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Raul M Murray Aug 2020
Everybody needs a *****
No thanks I can create on my own
My idiosyncratic thinking
Is bouncy as the suns atom

Looking for a reason to capitalise
On mind control apparatus
But read on please you
Can become my apprentice

Because this poetry can heal
Dimensions of the brain
A poetic analeptic that heals
When feeling down at heel

The bidirectional pulse wave
Of another person is not a desire
My encephalon is creative
Enough to excite you on the microwave

So adjust the frequency
Even try shortwave to find life
In space because this poet
Has no ***** dependency

My style is cramped with the BCI
Purloin’s my opportunity
To be unique in writing
Being a survivor & spry

The invasion of privacy is deplorable
Taking advantage of the poor you do
You have privacy so should I too
Reading people’s brain is irreconcilable

Don’t need two people to write a pen
I don’t want to be a ***** in the pig sty
And get ***** with other ranks of pigs
Every person’s brain is a personal den
BCI - Brain Computer Interface

Analeptic - adjective
(chiefly of a drug) tending to restore a person's health or strength; restorative.

Spry - adjective (spryer, spryest)
(especially of an old person) active; lively: he continued to look spry and active well into his eighties.

Purloin -verb [with object] formal or humorous
steal (something): he must have managed to purloin a copy of the key.

Pen - verb (pens, penning, penned) [with object]
write or compose: Olivia penned award-winning poetry.
At a glance,
The Circumstance advances the feeling.
I take my stance,
With yet a glance in the other direction,

Enhanced by my retrospect,
With respect to the other.

I sit quietly in my introversion.
All while I build my newer version,
Averted to the adversions of the life I quietly observe.

Here I am.

~Robert van Lingen
N Schlegel Oct 2015
That American bandana in my closet?
I stole that.
Her mom liked me and let me borrow it for our fourth of July party,
and when we were giving our stuff back I forgot it was in my room.
Then I saw it and decided, this is mine now
I don’t think I’ve worn it since.
In the eyes of the law we call this an “adverse possession”
the intent to own and keep something that isn’t yours.
I know she’d roll her eyes if she saw me putting our relationship into legalese.

That stormtrooper nutcracker?  
That was a gift,
a Birthday gift,
an April Birthday gift.
Who the hell gives a Christmas present as a birthday gift?
She did.
I kept it.
And with gifts there is no “consideration”
which to lawyers means a bargain or exchange of promises,
a gift is a “I love you and want you to have this
because I like to make you happy.
But also, if we end I want you to look at this for the rest of your life
and wonder what would have happened
if we could have survived that last fight?”
You don’t get to bargain for that, you get the gift and the grief.
and she gets to know that you’re going to miss her every day.
Sometimes I wonder who the lawyer really is.
Aaron Mullin Nov 2014
Beautiful thing about adversity
                   is that you learn about resilience

— The End —