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If distance can be maintained then relation be sustained
With sincerity of heart real balance can be attained
With mutual trust and respect objective can be  obtained
This is how lost glory by people can just be regained

Great people and great nations are product of real trust
All rascals and mean like watery bubbles are to burst
Polluted minds are to rust ,with being notorious go to dust
Blessed ones are rewarded meanest are required to adjust

Let us march on the path which is for honest  leads to glory
This is the only approach which from servitude makes free
For sheer honest action we never ever need to have valid plea
Men with clean and clear actions should definitely be pretty

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow
grim-raven Aug 2015
Don't be scared because it suddenly changed
Don't be mad because it's not the same

Everything changes
Even the spring that past in seconds
Even the a year that contains seasons
Even the fire that burns the quickest
Even the star that shines the brightest

— The End —