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Jack Jenkins Dec 2016
He said he was done with killing.
But the Angel of Death never lets go of her lovers.

Each town he moved to,
She possessed him to claim another life.

Finally, he climbed a tall hill and looked out;
Took his own life, so the Angel of Death married him.
Written 26 March 2016... challenged myself to write a 50 word poem and this is the result.
Jellyfish Oct 2015
Dizzy not silly
tears are forming
inhale - exhale
feelings swarming.

Maybe it'll rain
wash away this pain
inhale - exhale

you're not
around me
inhale - exhale
just surround me.

No apathy
lines are discrete
inhale - exhale
inside empty sheets.

Feelings ricochet
please don't
go away
inhale - exhale
nothing remains.
Not sure if I wrote the title right or not.
Hopefully you'll get what I mean though.
a May 2015
Her eyes are channeling the Aegan Sea,
for I find myself swimming in them.
Her pupils are shadowed islands none can enter, but I am, I am falling in.
I'm lost, I need help, I am stuck in the never-ending circles of her irises, trapped in their magnificence.
tap Mar 2015
It’s already midnight.* Go to sleep, dear.
   You have a brand new day ahead of you.
He’s already in his bed,
   dreaming of someone else.
Why are you still wide awake,
   quietly proclaiming your love for him?
The only person who can hear your confession
   is you, the lovestruck insomniac.
is it wrong for me to say that i don't actually have anyone in mind when i write poems like this?
tap Mar 2015
He looks her in the eye.
“You’re so beautiful,
so lovely,”
he whispers.
He reaches out
to touch her hair.

She laughs,
her voice filling up the bar.
“Oh, honey,
I am so much more than that.”
And she disappears,
leaving a trail of
stardust and perfume
in her place.
Man of my dreams
Please give me the 'push'
A shove enough to take me off procrastination cliff

Man of my dreams
Please give me that motivation
To keep up with my studies like you did

All so I could chase after you
At whatever university you'll be studying in
Lately, you've been good for me. I noticed some changes in myself which are influenced by you unknowingly. I just fell for you too late and I don't think there'll ever be anyone quite like you (this will be another poem for another time).

— The End —