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  Jun 2015 Syeduhhhhh
This is our land
We will fight to keep
Fight to live
For this land
We weep

O wanderer ask me
Ask this land
Whose am I?
For I am no one's
You are mine
  Mar 2015 Syeduhhhhh
Matthew Harlovic
Head held high, flexing the shell
bright lifestyle, I know it too well.
It’s a tall tale to tell but its best that you know
that things get better at the end of the road
Not too long ago, I felt the same way
I dealt with demons that crept in the grey
And maybe it’s hard enough to ask for help
but it’s harder to watch yourself
give up once you’ve left the shelf

Nah, I couldn’t stomach the pain
like a trumpet, I blew the in out of sane.
I popped open a vein to paint my blues, violet
and threw a pair of cans on to block out the silence.
I’m not defiant; I defy any tyrant
that tries to buy my compliance.
I ride with the giants, stride like Midas
minus the greed, all I need is kindness.

Spread your wings; shed the ego
live amid the kings like a needle.
Be your own hero, succeed the sequel
take charge, zero in on the easel.
Reach for the stars, you are an artist
Van Gough goals; erase all the hardships.
I may try my hardest
but I’m not the smartest
but good work ethic leads to a harvest.
Reap my carcass, long after I’m gone,
brains over brawn, shame on you all
for thinking that these walls can hold me in.
You get the memo? I’m better than I’ve ever been.
Binge drinking is a sickness in itself
try to **** the pain but the pain kills the help
as well as low thinking it will **** your brain cells
if you try to **** the pain, you will **** yourself

© Matthew Harlovic
A incentive meant to inspire those that are going through a rough time.
Syeduhhhhh Mar 2015
I walk inside, and you turn to gimme a look,
Look who's talkin', homie, why YOU with your holy book?
I walk with pride, with dignity, I feel like I deserve it,
You think I'm full with violence, but where's that in my worship?
Jesus brought the bible, Moses brought the Torah, and Muhammad brought the Qur'an,
All those came from Allah.
I know one day you'll realize, the truth was in the Qur'an,
But by then... It'll be too late,
Imagine what you'll have to face,
Your punishment, in the grave,
That even the, snakes will hate,
But then they gotta tell you, you really deserve it,
And you still  say, that I'm talking B.S,
You make me shut up, just because of what I say,
But who'll go with you, in your grave,
You won't be able to blame your mistakes on those who just faked,
Did I not tell you, you were getting tricked?
Your ribcage will tighten,
All the people 'ready left,
Why would they care, of the punishment you gotta face?
This is just an intro,
My friend: listen to what I gotta say,
Hell will come into view,
Screamin'; You wouldn't have deserved this,
All you had to do was just worship,
All you had to do, was show Allah he deserves it,
All the love and respect, you just had to show it,
Not believe those who said, religion don't deserve it,
You said you're not an Atheist, or an Agnostic,
You said you're not a Christian, why didn't you become a Muslim?
All the things I told you, were for this day to come,
I wanted to make you, somehow convert to Islam.
Tell me: Do you crave that punishment?
Then why the hell you ain't gon' listen?
All I want is best for you, you just gotta pay attention,
You call for me, I can't do one thin',
You ain't callin' him, who gave you everythin',

Homie, this ain't a fantasy,
You can't go back in time,
You can't fix all those things,
You just said you had no time,
To worship him who created you,
But when I say this to you, you think that I'm insane,
Pray for your next life, not your worldly fame,
They came with the message, but you never accept it, you said you don't need it,
But now you'd say you believed it,
All you had to do was just worship, but now you don't deserve it,
Don't tell me I never told you: Just become a Muslim,
All those years I tried, told you, you really deserve it,
Now you're shredding tears only full of blood,,
Told you they ain't Islam, they were just F'N up,
Told you I was peace, now what you gon' do,
I always only wished, for what was best for you,  

Violence is not Islam,
Terrorists are not Muslims,
All they wanna do, is use up all their bullets,
Keep calm, 'cause I'm a Muslim, not a terrorist,
Hurry up, it ain't too late, look into Islam,
'Cause I know, you don't deserve ir,
You're so lucky, you have the truth in front of you,
You just outta accept it.
Please rate me... This is my first rap :)
  Mar 2015 Syeduhhhhh
Justin S Wampler
forget the things worth remembering
remember the things worth forgetting
  Mar 2015 Syeduhhhhh
Abigail Kruke
my parents warned me about drugs on the street
and bad things,
but they forgot to tell me about
beautiful boys with blue eyes that cut deep,
and whose hands can take a soul,
oh god, how they forgot to tell me
how he’d make me feel
  Mar 2015 Syeduhhhhh
I know you won't take me back
Perhaps you can't forgive
But this is what I wish for you
For as long as you may live

I wish you every sunny day
And starry starry nights
I wish you laughter once again
I wish you love and light.

I wish you every color
In rainbow waterfalls
I wish you greatest beauty
On your mountain tall.

I wish you every syllable
Of every love song penned
I hope you find another girl
That you love again.

I mean this completely
My lost and onetime man
I'd give you everything i own
I'd give you all I AM.

I really hope you read this
You do not turn your eyes
I really did the best for you
At least I didn't lie.

Please read my poems to you
Be well my dearest heart
I will bow out gracefully
On this note I will part

You will, in time forgive me
If only for your sweet mind
For you have a heart of
Purest gold
You are just that kind.

Just remember that I love you
This I would instill
I love you with all my heart
And I always will.
All the best
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