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Karisa Brown Aug 2017
Do you stare
At a devil
In your shadow
I do?

Does he ask you
Or threaten you
Where to begin?

Rhetorical functioning inhibbited
Playing once again
With the demons
Called friends

Some are nice
Yet some too revengeful
To let in

Do other angels
Call like she used to
Singing sweet lullabies
But all you give
Them is fables

Spotlighted gaze
I hunt this maze
For self denying sacrifice

Only second
Isn't right
And turning left
Is now
Out of sight
Ife May 2017
Look for me in the rapid pulse of the vapid force.
Latching onto a mask of morse grasping for a flesh of hope.

Body is temporary, but the soul survives.
I'm nothing  more than a made up of atoms

I strain to escape this world
Drowning in shame
Out of my mind going insane

I never learn to accept my darkness
All I did was deny it.
Feeding it.

Do u remember showing me your bruises?
I, tying to soothe you
But I was just as broken as you were.
Damnnn my heart cries out to an eternal skies.
I know what it's like when your pain consumes you and steals your happiness.

Mind clocked in amnesia
Lost between dimensions.

The past is reduced to nothing but whispers of shattered images.
Suzanne Penn May 2015
It is the times..
when there are too many thoughts
and the words
are jumbled on an exit ramp
waiting to get out
times...when words
just don;t work...
times when I need someone
who knows me well
to be there
and keep me safe
from myself
and my self destructive paterens
until I can move past it
and the words
start to trickle
and then flow
You may never know
how much I needed you
right then...
We may never know
what is it you saved me from...
but you did...
and I am thankful
and I can say so
now that words
again flow.
My puzzle pieces are mix matched
Theres missing pieces and some that doesn't fit
And some that just doesn't make sense
But someone once told me
You are made of many  puzzles
And sometimes the puzzles get mixed up
Theres this part of you
And this story
And sometimes the pieces get scrambled together
And they don't make sense
So you have to put it back together
Fix your puzzles
Fix yourself

— The End —