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fake stars
in the sky
fake you
in my mind
fake all around me
the beginning ...
is the end of something
the end ...
is the beginning of something
a thin line
painted by our mind
between fear and hope
nothing is defined
a confused beginning
of an endless end
shaded shadows
of the same moon
when the heart
decides to speak
it yells out
and the truth lights  the sky
when your heart
decides to speak
it scares
it can hurt
just another heart
can answer
and the truth will be light or dark
the time of truth
changes all things
like a red leaf
slipped on the street
beautiful and melancholy
apart from you
beautiful and melancholy
doomed to dry up
the only way to survive
it's letting you go
let you go
it's like dying
denying  the thought of you
it's like living in the dark
I’ll become blind
I’ll become dry
but I'll be alive ...
will I ?
write me
seek me
call me
love me
right now
I can only wait
you are the thousand facets of my soul
you paint me with all the colors of love
you are heart and pain
you are hope and despair
you are sweetness and passion
you are the red of the fire that burns me
you are the white of the light that reassures me
you are the whole  thing
that wipes out my nothing
for yiou ... it's always for you,  as you're my diamond in the rough
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