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May 2018 · 199
spiral-whirl May 2018
dear my greatest enemy and friend depression,
          i think we need to end out deal,
i can't keep giving you my sanity,
when it is all gone,

                          - signed the one you haunt
May 2018 · 245
spiral-whirl May 2018
if you told a lie director that you loved me,
      would it say 'lie' or 'truth?'
May 2018 · 195
what should i do?
spiral-whirl May 2018
"what should i do?" the crow asked the cat

       the cat purr, their eyes gleaming, "oh, flightless bird, that is a wonderful to ask but it would be better to ask yourself on what you want to do. "
May 2018 · 419
sun and moon
spiral-whirl May 2018
just like with the moon and wolf,
the moon loved the sun enough to give half his life to her,
but smart enough to keep the other half,
in case she decides to break it,

the reason we have night and day,
is because the moon loved sun,
but sun wasn't blinded by her light to see it,
but blinded by his appearance to embrace it
really, i always believed the real reason we have night and day is because the moon loves the sun but the sun doesn't love them back.
May 2018 · 314
spiral-whirl May 2018
i remember your coffee scented hair,
your hot coca smile,
yet i'll never forget that cup of ice in your eyes.
May 2018 · 220
spiral-whirl May 2018
rockin flannels and hoodies in mid summer,
hair long, attitude sharp,
makeup? get that out of my face,
dresses ain't for me,
shorts and tops are my key,
while i may be strange,
out of the blue,
seem like one of the guys you would meet on a sport team,
not really,
what do you call something like me?
i'm a tomboy~
May 2018 · 269
spiral-whirl May 2018
people don't believe when i say i have a superpower,
one that i quite love when i need it but sometimes i hate it when i wish to be noticed,
no one notices me unless i speak to them,
my quiet voice,
a 'sorry' 'excuse me' 'thank you' became a reflex,
like dodging a ball that i so very fear,
i can be invisible rather i wish or not,
its quite a lot,
to explain,
maybe it is a bit lame,
but i'm invisible rather i want to be or not
Apr 2018 · 182
spiral-whirl Apr 2018
we were playing with our heartstrings on the stage,
stuck together in our personal cage,
hands that entwined with each other,
nails digging into our hearts,
we can put on a show,
that they don't even know that's going on.
Apr 2018 · 152
spiral-whirl Apr 2018
the pain will fade
but the memories will stay
spiral-whirl Apr 2018
everyday i would sing
rather it be a note or a full song
someday i was going to be a singer
it was my destiny i heard my parents say

however, as i grew older kids start to tease me
they started to realize my voice wasn't following my imagination
i could write a song
but my voice was not fit for it
they said

i slowly stopped singing to others and hid in my room
where i would sing riptide to just me, myself, and i

i remember it clearly
when someone asked me to stop singing
because i sounded so cringey
i tune my voice down
just like i always do

started to get anxiety over singing on a stage
even though i loved it
adored it
i let their words get stuck in ears' cobwebs

everyone has at least one person that did something
they left a mark on you for the good
she told me one thing

"i like your voice because when you allow it, you can sing like a angel but your expression is what amazes me, you seem so happy."

now i'll never stop
because of those words
you can scream at me to stop
however i won't
for my voice is not your's to control but mine to wield
and i'll sing when i please
Apr 2018 · 139
multiple poems
spiral-whirl Apr 2018
i can't understand what it means to be lovers anymore,
you left me bewildered,
you said that we were friends being stupid,
instead of being lovers,
we were killers,
killing ourselves,


i thought,
i thought i cared for you gently,
treated you like a diamond,
never raised my voice,
i thought i didn't smother you,
but in the end,
i could not control,
the words that escaped your mouth when you said,

                "its over."


lets play strangers,
and be losers together,
but when the day ends,
we'll shall forget everything,
to go back to **** and nerd.


little raven,
why you leavin?
why you leavin your home?
you dropped your phone,
in mid-flight,
leaving behide,
a note and a black feather,
of betrayal.
its late at night. i just want to get some things out of my head. some of these do not relate to me some do.
Apr 2018 · 321
when your heart breaks
spiral-whirl Apr 2018
ba-dum- crack.

    do you hear that?
a lover's scream
do you see the way he seems?
a heart that has been broken but still lingers,
   aching for gentle hands to hold it,
to care for it,
yet I'm afraid,
      when a heart breaks,
                you'll have to go through utter hell,
until someone bothers to love you,
to heal you.
Apr 2018 · 160
don't stop
spiral-whirl Apr 2018
breath in and out,
a mellow low,
keep the music playin,
keep your hips movin,
lets carry this night out,
then end it with a bang
Apr 2018 · 158
spiral-whirl Apr 2018
nac uoy rehpiced ym traeh?
vs lbh qn, v'yy yrg lbh vagb zl pbir,
dna ll'i evig uoy ym evol,
dove morning my be you'll
Apr 2018 · 514
lover's lane
spiral-whirl Apr 2018
dancing in the midnight rain,
i'm heading right down lover's lane,
and i can't help smiling,

while our lungs may die,
our body grows old,
and we start to retire,

we'll dance in the midnight rain,
heading to the end of lover's lane
kind of a happy poem for once ^^
Apr 2018 · 210
lover boys
spiral-whirl Apr 2018
lover boys they stand proud,
walking down the street,
their fingers entwined with each other's,
they laugh like any other human being,
they fight like any other lovers,
is it too much to ask you world,
so cruel and merciless,
to stop fretting about lovers boys? lover girls?
can't we all just love who we want?
Mar 2018 · 1.2k
spiral-whirl Mar 2018
home is not the place where my house is,
nor is it the pillow i rest my head,
which i call bed,
my home is your heart,
your smile is my safe place,
your laugh is my music,
and your heart is my home,
and i hope i can stay in your heart for forever
Mar 2018 · 151
please eat, my friend
spiral-whirl Mar 2018
please eat,
do not starve yourself,
your skinny,
your beautiful,
when you say no one cares,
your saying a lie, my friend,
i care,
so pick up that fork,
and just please eat.
spiral-whirl Mar 2018
"you driven me to the brink of insanity,
i yell down to the hole, "hello!" no one answers back,
it leaves me listening, one more inch and i will fall into insanity,
you would love that wouldn't you?
i should have heed mother's warning about love,
how much it will fill your heart and then crash you into a store called insanity,
and i refuse to fall into despair,
why should I be the lamb?
when did you get to be the wolf?!"

       i yell at the sky, snarling as i trip,

Mar 2018 · 227
one day
spiral-whirl Mar 2018
one day,
i want to change someone's life,
i want to make someone smile just because of me,
let them build a home in my heart,
i'll caress them like a newborn child,
just like you did with me,
spiral-whirl Mar 2018
one glance
two greetings
three smiles
four laughs
five hugs
six kisses
seven tears
eight fights
nine lies
ten I hates you
yet only two hearts are needed to make such play
and only one needs to say I love you
Mar 2018 · 265
3:00 am
spiral-whirl Mar 2018
tired eyes,
drooping eyelids,
the ceiling is a old picture to be seen,
the paint is dull,
the stars dim,
the paintings crumble,
in this old room i lay,
my eyes open,
sleep is out of reach,
yet for a moment when the clock strikes 3:00 am,
i see something out of the corner of my eye,
a sharp point end,
a arrow's end,
red bumpy skin,
i think i forgot,
my clock is three hours behide,

so isn't it twelve?

the devil's hour?

then why do i feel like i'm the devil here?
Mar 2018 · 233
a player's set up illusion
spiral-whirl Mar 2018
give me a second to catch up,
your running too fast for me,
i'm scared you will leave,
please do not despise me if i told you something,
i was always ahead of you,
do you wish to hear a lie?
something you shall not know,
until it clicks,
until i have already ran too far for your hands to grasp,
i love you.
this doesn't relate to me i just kind of was inspired by the idea of doing a poem in the view of the player instead of the victim
Mar 2018 · 891
your my best friend
spiral-whirl Mar 2018
everytime you don't realize you break me,
you always say friend,
am that all i am to you?
your best friend,
i'll always be by your side,
i'll always be here for you,
yet i can't help but wonder,
could we ever be more than best friends?
and yet you never tell me,
you know my secret but never answer,
always changing the subject,
i'll do my best to wait,
yet i wonder when my patience will run out.
Mar 2018 · 216
trust issues
spiral-whirl Mar 2018
i'm afraid your ride has ended here,
do not bother to try to travel further,
i can't let you closer,
it only get colder,
i can't get any bolder,

i swear i tried,
the thought of letting you in anymore,
it sends shivers down my spine,
i would love to-
but i can't,
this reflex can't be stopped,

don't you ever wonder what people are whispering?
the way they grin,
what if it is all fake?
what if they aren't real?
**what if they are using me?
Mar 2018 · 194
spiral-whirl Mar 2018
life is bittersweet you could say,
you'll die one day
live the rest,
everyday is a chance, a miracle,
things happen,
thick and thin,
yet I'm so happy I get to spend my bittersweet life,
with you and only you,
m y    l o v e
Mar 2018 · 136
spiral-whirl Mar 2018
tumbling down the mountain,
​plunging into the deep water,
​screaming out his pain,
​his screech was all he had,
​his stories were all he knew,
​his smile was what he was known for.
Mar 2018 · 156
my dove
spiral-whirl Mar 2018
spread your broken wings, dove
flap them countlessly,
take off and forget about me,
you can leave,
i don't mind,
spread your love around my dove,
don't let anything grasp your broken wings once more,
be love.
Mar 2018 · 258
she is a star
spiral-whirl Mar 2018
if someone asked me if i ever fallen in love,
the answer would be,
i fallen in love with a star,

eyes of galaxies, a map to the beyond,
a smile that shine so bright,
her hair black as night,
while her voice adds the stars,

their answer how,
then i'll just introduce them to you.
Mar 2018 · 544
the walls are closing in
spiral-whirl Mar 2018
the walls they close in,
my breath seems to quicken,
my thoughts began to whirl,
i can't breath- i can't seem to grasp it,
did i forget?
i'm not forgetful,
am i?
ah, i can't think straight,
things began to slow down,
i can hear them yelling,
but i can't,
its drain out from my own breath,
the sirens blare loudly in my ears but they seem so distant,
my eyes began to close as i drift,
my breath steadies,
it slows,
then stops.
Feb 2018 · 188
my squeaks
spiral-whirl Feb 2018
their was once a girl I knew,
it was no way to know i didn't compare,
for she flatters me with words,
and yet i always seem one step behide

she reminds me of the night,
my favorite time of day,
when i think of her,
beautiful comes to mind,

she can sing high and low,
shush any baby to sleep,
i wonder if she realizes,
how lucky i can be,
we all see our own flaws,
sometime blind to other's,
yet i swear i'm not blind,
she has no flaws,

i'll keep my promise to this day,
i'll try to be her knight,
even if we may be far away,
we'll meet again,
and that day be one of the best days i ever had,

so, my squeaks, don't go to heaven just yet, wait for me.
this is actually a poem for my bets friend, mya <3
Feb 2018 · 607
spiral-whirl Feb 2018
the knights in shining armor,
fighting the outlaws in the far lands,
i wonder where they been,
i wonder if they will take me,
yet i don't mind,
while i sit in my reality,
i can always read my fantasy~
it is actually not sad wow
Feb 2018 · 394
don't you know?
spiral-whirl Feb 2018
don't you know i'm in love with you?
your smile,
your hair,
your scent,
your laugh,
the way you squeal,
but somehow you crush me in all the way possible,
you say you don't like anyone,
you talk about this guy,
i'm always livin a lie,
that somehow you may like me back,
so i'll hitch my feelings at the dock,

until you say it.
ughhh I don't know what to write. burned out a bit, sorry.
Feb 2018 · 266
spiral-whirl Feb 2018
her words are where her heart is,
her eyes focused on ahead,
for the delicate petal has lost its stem,
running to find,
running to search,
however nothing seems to be there,
and the petal withers away.
spiral-whirl Feb 2018
i can't understand the tug at my lips when i see gore,
when pain happens,
when i think of a painful memory,
yet my heart still squeezes,
still wheezes,
still sputters,
still hurt,
but because i carry on while the storm that is against me,
and the only weapon i wield is my smile,
because they will never know how broken i am

[ kind of a part two ]

i laugh when my eyes rain,
when raindrops trickle down my cheek,
have you ever realized that sobbing and laughing sound so similar?
when someone laughs they can be crying in the inside,
when someone sobs they can be happy,
i think its a way of laughing off the pain,
just so you won't give in,
because then you lost,
and we don't want that.
two poemsssssssssss in one -u-
Feb 2018 · 216
my ...
spiral-whirl Feb 2018
my heart is a shield, it shall make people heed before they fight into it,
my fists is a reliable weapon i do not wish to use, but i do,
my skin is where my weakness lies, where things can crawl all over it with or without my permission,
however my mouth is where i can strike those in the heart, its a canon i always use,
and my eyes?
my eyes.
one of the worst of them all.
my eyes can hold the warmest sun but also yield the coldest storm
Feb 2018 · 128
the sun
spiral-whirl Feb 2018
soft glow to the sun,
as it rises,
bellowing with such a gift,
the birds start to sing,
the sun shall linger,
until the day is done.
sunny days are awesome
Feb 2018 · 222
spiral-whirl Feb 2018
sending shivers up our spine,
twisting our eyes to believe what we think,
unable to move because we have forgotten how,
staring at the thing outside the room,
the hands slowly slid inside the room,
wishing to horrify us more,
grabbing the **** to twist the door open,
the long creaking noise that makes us grab our covers,
the shadow looms over,
their voice was cracking and raspy,
"what do you fear, child?"
our words seem to be taken away from us,
we are helpless like a lamb when its getting preyed on,
the shadow only chuckles,
"you fear, fear itself."
you can't answer
no, you don't want to answer,
"how unfortunate for you child, for i am fear itself. "

the thing it was,
was my mind,
their was no shadow but only the thoughts that wash over me,
for our mind is fear itself
Feb 2018 · 185
i do not speak
spiral-whirl Feb 2018
sometimes i sit and watch them ponder,
mindless thoughts I think but none to spill,
no words to spill out onto the blank page that i have carved into their minds,
it drives them insane, makes them furrow their eyebrows, scowl, ponder, wonder,
i do not speak,
for words twist and turn, knotting into lies,
i do not lie,
so i do not speak.
simple as it is,
however i think its funny how they try to understand me,
they struggle to understand,
i believe they are blind to the common sense that was so given to them,
maybe it was taken away,
then again,
if they wish to understand, understand me,
just look at the words I can write.
Feb 2018 · 310
I'm Not Crazy
spiral-whirl Feb 2018
baby, tell me i'm not crazy,
i swear i'm not,
i'm not mad,
the voices in my head don't lie,
maybe the world should die,
stop the lies,
i'm sane,
i just don't understand,
i try to be,
maybe that is what is wrong,
trying to be sane-
drives you insane.

                                    so aren't we are all insane?
                                which means insane is normal
                                          *see, i'm not crazy
Feb 2018 · 213
Time And Dimes
spiral-whirl Feb 2018
in a way time is like a dime,
tails for passing,
heads for gaining,
because time is so limited,
a dime is limited,
so think it as this,
collecting all the dimes may gain you so much time,
but you'll be wasting the dimes,
because you never use them.
*cough* yes I did just base this poem off of dimes and time. Wow. *cough*
Feb 2018 · 181
spiral-whirl Feb 2018
baby, i'm broken
your still good lookin
while i sit in despair
you sit in your lair
how unfair
you live while I die
you party
while i wallow
indeed we are opposites in actions
but opposites always attract or

i should really stop writing love poems ;-;
Feb 2018 · 436
Wake Me Up
spiral-whirl Feb 2018
Wake me up,
I’m in a dream that I never want to escape,
Yet I fear,
Any longer I spend with you,
I may trip and fall for you,
Put my heart on the line,
Flick a dime,
Wishing it will land on heads because I’m heads over heels for you,
My words fumble,
My writing falls,
I do not understand,
Why I must be living in this dream,
Feb 2018 · 368
I Fallen For A Poet
spiral-whirl Feb 2018
I fallen for a poet,
I feel like I’m going to die,
The way she flatters me,
The way she writes,
The way she smiles,
All draws me in,
Like a moth drawn to a flame,
Please help me,
I don’t think my heart is working right,
It beats too fast,
I sweat too much,
Smile too wide,
All because of you.

I won’t take it back,
I’ll still love you,
It won’t help,
You tied me in like a spider,
Your a virus I can't lose,
So don’t ever untie me,
My head will fall off once you do,
And I don’t think I’ll live the surgery.
also I kind of was inspired by alexa's poem I think it was called `When A Poet Falls In Love With You` I guess its the other way around, though.
spiral-whirl Feb 2018
you once said you loved me,
you once said you hated me,
you  kissed me,
you hugged me,
you never damaged me,
I never understand the words you say,
until someone explained that love was not words,
but actions they do.

— The End —