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Paper boat travelled through the streets of paper town..
Street lights were lit.. a breezy wind followed..
saw the newly wed couple dreamt of their future and night..
heard someone played the ever melodious violin..
as the notes get farther...slowly the paper boat sank deeper..
We all are going to put a full stop for our story , that we started writing ages back.. someday!
But don't just wait to put the full stop , rather enjoy the story while writing...
There are many beautiful things happening around you ..take time to enjoy those little things..
'cause someday we all r going to be that paperboat..
daisy Sep 2019
at that beach, you found me
under the sun, I discerned you
we were still young
when we made this paper boat
and espied our tomorrows

I still remember what you said;
"we will stand and shout because we're free,
while breathing in fresh air from the sea
we will forget all the hurdles until we feel better
while sharing thoughts to each other
until we both reach the place
where this boat will stop
until we both sink
when our boat fades "
but this is just a paper boat
that will never float
because we're not destined to do those things together
maybe our fate is to ride different boats
until we find our true lover
Moumita Mitra Jul 2018
Those childhood days,
How much I miss them
Because those were the best days of life.
Paper planes, Paper boats were very part of that life.

If rain was in town,
I, with my friends made paper boats,  Wrote letters for the Rain.
Boat sailed and we watched the sailing boat with the letters written on each.
Those childhood days,
How much I miss them now.

If it was some other day,
I, with my friends played with the paper planes.
From here to there those planes flew and we enjoyed running behind them
As the pilots for them.
Those childhood days
How much I miss them
Because those were the best days of life.

Now, only memories sail and fly
Paper Boats and Paper Planes find place as bookmarks.

Hope someday in near future they will sail and fly,
May be not for me but for my junior one.
RJW Apr 2018
why do the trees hug the shoreline so closely?
in twists of tangled arms
green flags, sprouting twigs
the lonely glare, floating in between the mirrored
crisp fractals of light
sliced into the blue deep
a tiny paper boat, sprigged with daisies
sailing the horizon
balancing an endless tightrope
tipping into the pulsing heart of the sky
over the edge
of the world.

— The End —