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  Nov 2014 Ratna
tears for my vision
you wonder what i see
a past slaying for attention
while memories are slaying me
  Nov 2014 Ratna
Don't be fooled by words;
Many can say the words "I love you"
But only a few
Can make efforts to prove that they really do.
Ratna Nov 2014
A presence that's physically not there.
Though it's lurking pretty much everywhere.
It's harmless, they say.
But I don't want them to stay.
Being overshadowed is scary.
And seeing the shadows of the past is painful to me.
Though they're physically not here, their shadows remained.
Trapping me inside an invisible cage of fear.
Ratna Nov 2014
Dark, grey clouds loomed over the world, forcefully covering the sun and blue sky.
In a matter of seconds, the once warm afternoon turned into a cold and gloomy day.
The growling thunder in the distance gave out a faint warning.
Soon after, droplets of rain came pouring down, cooling the dryness of the world.
The passing cold wind made the overlooked warmth missed.
But the smell of wet earth was refreshing and nostalgic, and the sound of raindrops and water splashing were melodious.
The chilliness and cold air were friendly and welcoming somehow.

Grey, to me, was beautiful today.
Ratna Nov 2014
For the first few moments, solitude is enjoyable.
But slowly, and gradually, loneliness is inevitable.
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