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 May 2016 Sharde' Fultz
thinking about you
the one who understands
without speaking
like a fist on the surface
squeezed muscle underneath
the power of you
and the infinite heat
 May 2016 Sharde' Fultz
Oh, how I dread the laughs of the ignorant
As "the Bunch" swim in their own stupidity
Shielding themselves from the truth

The truth couldn't shut them up
Nothing could
So, I left them to drown in their shallowness

You would think they would learn
But it's a hopeless case.
And they wonder why I left
I wanted to fit in
To be a normal girl
To be the best
To be the greatest
To be a star

I lived for years like that
Wanting to be something
Thinking I was lame
Thinking I was

Then something changed
I had a life changer
That experience showed me
Something that I never could have learned
On my own
From anyone's teachings
I learned

It's great to be different
Everyone's abnormal
Stop trying to fit in
Start trying to be
Outside the box

Just stop being the same
You are unique
You are magical
You are

Now I realize that
I realize that
And now I'm being

Being abnormal
Is the greatest thing
You could be
This was also a song I wrote!
Taking on the world
One step at a time
Stating my feelings
Taking control

I used to be silenced
By the bully
Known as cancer
But no
Not Now
Not Ever Again

You think you're so tough
You think you can silence
A girl who has a dream?
Well ha think again
I'm stronger than ever
It's my time to finally
Be me

I'm ready to shine
I'm ready to sing
I'm ready to do my thing

Express your feelings
Be yourself
No matter what people think

You are special
You are a champion
Le'ts take on the world
 Jan 2016 Sharde' Fultz
 Jan 2016 Sharde' Fultz
we were different states of matter,
but we always had chemistry.
You greet me with open arms day and night.
You look down upon me tenderly while I whisper you my secrets.
You never seem to mind the smoke from my cigarettes
and listen intently while I sing to no one.
I know we never speak directly,
But I just want you to know that I am full of thanks.
 Dec 2014 Sharde' Fultz
 Dec 2014 Sharde' Fultz

                       wishing, for
                              your writes to be
                                noticed•simple sign
                             that they have not been
                          missed•with every view
                     and every like•your popu-
               larity does spike•somewhat
          places your art on the poetry
      map•between major players,     
  you close the gap•constantly      
checking to see  who's been              
reading•you're always deli-               
ghted to see the 'yellow                      
•a wish...                            
    for those who                             
     are writ-                    

secretly hope not only for your words to be
reaching far and wide, but also... trending
* the above does not apply to everyone here.
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