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Krishan Kumar May 2020
Dear mother, you caress me
And give me love.
You are my guardian angel
Sent from above.

You are a garden
Full of affection and care.
Whenever I'm sad or in pain
You are always there.

You are like the moonlight
Shining in my gloomy days.
You beautify my world
In thousand different ways.

You are my constant companion
A friend and a guide.
Through my good and bad times
You have stood beside.

None can fathom your love
None can it explain.
For it's full of devotion
and of sacrifice and pain.

Your heart is as pure as snow
And soul so divine.
You are my only God
You are my shrine.
Krishan Kumar May 2020
Hey, cold-blooded Mankind
Do you know
That even when there was no sign of you,
Appealing was the beauty of the Mother Earth
And fresh was the milieu.
The nature was lush green, and pleasing breeze blew
Heavenly was the sight of the sky, where birds candidly flew.
Clear were the rills and rivers, fascinating were the flowers
Animals roamed freely, and sat under bowers.
The mother nature bore things of all kinds
That you have chosen to destroy.
Mankind! Have you lost your mind?

Hey, cold blooded Mankind
Do you know
The God took His time to craft you as the finest creation
But you brought misery to the world and extreme devastation.
To all life, the Mother Earth has been so compassinate and kind
Due to your sinful passion, her health has declined.
The almighty God bestowed upon you - virtue, faith, values and joy
That you have chosen to destroy.
Mankind! Have you lost your mind?

Hey, cold blooded Mankind
Do you know
You have an insatiable desire, that is to acquire the worldly possessions
Lavish life, safe loaded with money and a magnificient mansion.
You contaminated everything, and exploited the natural resources
Now the Mother Nature is infuriated, be ready to bear up her forces.
She bore delectable fruit and vegetables, to fill your bellies
But you devoured innocent birds, insects and animals with your allies
Mankind! Have you lost your mind?

Hey, cold blooded mankind
Do you know
The Mother Nature has her own ways of reminding humankind
That she needs preservation and respect to produce pure wind.
Now pandemics and catastrophes spreading across the globe
How much worse they will become, no one knows.
Now the Mother Earth is enraged, she has just begun
To give vent to her fury and to shun human.
It's time you pondered on the devastating situation, and heed her actions
Let not contentment and greed become your distractions.
So open your eyes, Mankind! Once, and respect
the Mother Earth
Has she not provided you all that you needed since your birth?
But the harsh reality is that you have made up your mind to destroy everything. Cold blooded Mankind!
You have lost your mind.
Krishan Kumar May 2020
Nothing is more beautiful than the spring season
Delightful and tranquil morning, sweet melodies of birds
And cheerful breeze blowing for a reason.

Swaying greenery all around bathed in sun rays
Golden wheat growing, corn relishing and dancing in the fields
Glorifying the nature in thousand different ways.

Colorful flowers blooming, pettles gentle like breeze
Attired in pure natural innocence, crimson rose armed with thorns
Producing enchanting fragrance and putting mind at ease.

Bees hovering over sweet daffodils attracting the attention
Spending time in serenity, butterflies self-poised and calm
Putting sparkle in the eyes and relieving the tension.

The roots of trees sunk deep, leaves green and tan
Rustling and throbbing twigs, trunk bearing cuts and scars
Yet standing straight and tall, beautifying the world of man.
Krishan Kumar May 2020
O butterfly, butterfly, soar up high
Flutter ur wings and touch the sky.

O butterfly, butterfly hover on the flowers
Sit on them, and spend some hours.

O butterfly, butterfly, you're not hostile
Your sight makes me smile and smile.

O butterfly, butterfly stay near me
Let me dance in glee and glee.
Krishan Kumar May 2020
The evening is fine, I stand on the beach
Looking at the blue water of
The endless sea touching the sky.
Seagulls screeching, and soaring up high.
The sun as red as blood making
The sand sparkle like thousand tiny jewels.

Waves splashing, and crashing on the shore.
Cool water fizzing, bubbling,
Creating foam and kissing my feet.
Beautiful breeze playing with my hair
Lingering on my skin and
Singing melodies from morning till night.

Now my eyes gently closed, I feel damp
Sand under my bare feet
Soothing my heart to the very core.
I stand still smiling and enjoying the
Very moment, worries are gone now.
I think that's the divinity of nature.
Krishan Kumar May 2020
I have a little dog
His name is Joy.
He jumps, runs
And plays with his toy.

He has little teeth
As white as milk.
His hair is brown
As soft as silk.

When he is hungry
He wags his tail.
He yelps, whines
And looks very pale.

There's is nothing
He cannot eat.
Whether it's cookies,
Bread or meat.

When he is happy
Turns round and round.
He squirms like an eel
On the ground.
Krishan Kumar May 2020
There goes my kite
Up in the blue sky
Like a colourful bird
It soars high and high.

Fluttering its tail
Over the roofs and trees
It flips, *****
And dances with breeze.

With the gust of wind
It swirls round and round.
When wind is gone
It floats to the ground.

Sometimes to my left
Sometimes to my right
It chases the clouds
And fills heart with delight.
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