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 Sep 2014 Sharde' Fultz
 Sep 2014 Sharde' Fultz
I looked into her eyes

the deep electric blue.

She gave me her brightest smile.

She was my muse.

Her light brown hair

was flowing back.

She looked to the sky

which was pitch black.

She pointed to a constellation

and nudged me.

Our love was not infatuation.

It had to last for eternity.

Every time we hugged

she'd whisper my name.

seeing her in her mirth

was my happy place.

We were eccentric

in our own way.

She made me nostalgic

I couldn't let her go way.

Her laughter still echoes in my ears.

She made me face my biggest fear.

I looked into her eyes

the deep electric blue.

They were lifeless.

She had stayed past her curfew.

Her light brown hair

was soaked in her own blood.

I held her hand and silently weeped

nothing could break me

yet I felt incomplete.

I hugged her for the last time

her parched lips didn't say my name

somewhere down the line

I was to be blamed.
 Sep 2014 Sharde' Fultz
Oh John Green!
Why must you see me this way?
You make me weep
and wish they would live another day.
You are so witty
but you do lack certain skills
Killing the main character is so unfriendly
But chocolate will solve the problem anyway
You make me think a lot of things
but they don't have a lasting effect
I know you throw a lot of paper in the bin
But in all due honesty
I feel like setting you ablaze.
Much love,
 Sep 2014 Sharde' Fultz
 Sep 2014 Sharde' Fultz
warm tears
stain my cheeks,
begging for mercy
and a little blood.
I see a mountain
High as it should always be,
I look down and face I did
A faceless valley

Clean, it so seemed
With no faces as I leaned,
I did not twitch nor did I fear
Look upon I did on a blue sky so clear

As I set ready for my rest
I had gazed upon a flower which knows no zest
Slowly it withers
As the sun slowly sets and as I start to shiver

Closely I looked, and sighed
This land was surely once pure,
But indulged in hatred and false desire
Left to decay and endure

Full it is in my eyes
Full of grief and lies
Full of thorns to embrace
Mother nature then renovated this place

                                           *-Our hearts may be pure for now but never forget our past on which has lead us to this second.
I'd give up my left arm to always be right beside her. My right arm for her to know she's what I have left and both arms to be able to hug her when's she away. I just don't think I have enough to give to get the courage to tell her when she's here.

— The End —