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Idris Muntaqim Jun 2020
The aikido Muslimah is driving somewhere and sees a crime;
An art institute is being vandalized by a woman who's a big ball of slime.

The evil woman is vandalizing the art institute by spray-painting it, which is true;
Stopping the villainess from vandalizing the art institute is what the aikido Muslimah will do.

The aikido Muslimah stops her car and gets out, as you can see;
She walks towards the villainess and tells her to stop immediately.

When the villainess sees the Muslimah, she tries to spray-paint the Muslimah in her face;
The villainess is a big disgrace.

The aikido Muslimah uses her short staff to knock the spray-paint can out of the villainess' hand;
She uses her short staff to also knock out the villainess, which is grand.

When the ***** is knocked out, the aikido Muslimah calls the police, which is smart;
The villainess has a sinful heart.

When the police arrive and arrest the villainess, the aikido Muslimah gets back in her car and drives away;
The villainess is going to jail and that's all I have to say.
Whose going to save me in this dark world
If there will be no prince charming for me?

its so sad that all villain in the story has left with no one. Not all villain are bad, right?
Jane Doe Dec 2012
Never the woman,
always the other woman.
She-poets have sung of it since
they first gave words
to the wet knot of their hearts.

The consolation prize, the late-comer
who must be the one to wash his
***** hands. Not a goddess but
the amazon who presses on his
body’s weakest points. The villainess.

The other woman has no power.
He doesn’t need to know her name,
her fears, which books made her cry as
a girl. He already has his golden idol,
but he wants a clay vessel on the side.

He doles her out careful smiles under
pinkblue bar-lights or in smoky kitchens.
He tells her yes you’re beautiful
but I’ve got a better one at home still
can I see the shape you make in my bed?

And she is hopeful and lost
but finds his arm and lets herself be led.
Never the woman, but a girl who
plays games in the mud, dirties her dress,
blacks out her face, her soiled lips.

And women speak of the other woman
like she is a crow above their doors.
Watching them make their love
through greedy eyes while
nursing her barbed and tangled heart.

Every soul is a raindrop
fall from sky to ocean
most hit the surface
to ripple and fade
but some ripples
(rip) become waves
so careful when
you be willing this villainess  script
the 97 igrets no regrets
so often we split
universe forging and smith
an I’m off to Egypt

mind morbid
****** silly
sight been
****** psilocybin serum

might have been
a son of Sam
but now I happen to hope
he’s found **** - luminous scope
rather sacrificial lamb
to roll up and ****

fingers like spiders
re-twisting helix like twizzlers so no outsiders
untwisting logic like Cicero updated outdated drivers
no ****
no really though
that’s dope
like holy diver
****-lighted self

sun is well
moon caught
call it a moonwell
moon sought
call it a moonswell
how soon
call it a monsoon

(they buymoney’s well
they liefunnycreate hell)

Is it that I get consumed by my work
or work to consume the clerk

Is it that I’m a leader
or I preach to lead the self ;
either way overwork
cause we ovastand
what it mean
To be a conscious being

I lord over time
it doesn’t lord over me
got that **** on lock
honest priority

with no real priors
been Skirttin on roads
with no real tires
I’m running I’m running so often off-roading incoming
I'm running I’m running I’m tired Im scratched

but see now we off the path
calc'ing chaos math sacred shapes and 'ometries

'Grow the mountain
'GGrow the trees

Mind and body manifest these
8 them mushrooms drank the tea
Found God and Action make the Free

...still eyes on shadow to oversee
see how’s that **** float over me
winding warping whisper free
darkness cold and forming we
mark of clover safety  be
safety make me nobody
and I take one breathe

what is the difference

Ganesh (shout)
refresh my syllabus (what’s about)
image of synthesis (written down)
**** I’m mischievous (ima clown)

breath in
breathe crown

Jesus (sing)
and it’s all around

redeem my sinfulness
(the talk and the walk)
sparing my infamous
guide all my kinfolk when
I’m lost in indifference
pray for deliverance

brothers and sisters we gotta ask
what’s the cost of the difference
[w]hen Liminal's lost is the difference?

my only preference, reverence-evidence
of my life and all of my testament, prevalent

{Discipline and Chaos}
develop the eminent american-experiment
Never-lose scope ; envelope intelligent sentiment

my, my design
down so close
finger prints shine
passing the fine approach
what’s broached when l align
chaos and order impose in my mind

̴̨̠̖̊͜Į̷̰̗͍̮̼̼̲̥̆͊ṋ̶̣̞̳̲̖͈̤̘̜͌͌͒̈́ṫ̴̨̢̧̠͍̩͈̻̥̞̿̇́͊̊e̸͌̅­̛̼͈̜̱͎̯̗̺̹͈̆l̶̢͍̗̞̱͔̣̅̑͌͑̇̚͝l̸̫̜̼͍͔̘͙̫̍̈͋̿͐̑̎͝͝i̸̡̛̠͚͉̫͚̝̦͔g̴͌̈́̕͝­̥̬̰̰̹̋ȩ̷̭̳̳̳̹͕̖̌̇͌͋̀̒͗̓̈́͜͠n̴͚̲̭̥͙̫̺̄̓͗̂̄̈́̈t̵̜̦̲͎̣̠̿ ̸̛̰̺͔̭̼͈͆̓̊̒̓d̴̡̛͓̺̭̥̗͚̃̄̌̒̃̅͐͒͋ě̶͈̗̭̥͔̒̾̍̒͛͝͝ş̴̛̮͚̥̝͓̙͊͂̔̿́̄́̄­̰í̸̧̺͚̬̹̫̮͖̬̱͒̀g̴̨̨̭͉̺̮͚͊̌̆̽̕ṉ̴͓͚̭̥̘̖̲̲̋͛̀.̴̘̙̘̣̮̣̙͉̺͔͆̕
trauma healed
now I’m ******* rediculous
how the **** can I think of this
off the cuff with my instantaneous
transmission of knowledge
but some are to slow
hear it as words
one by one
when I’m speaking feathers and flight
dove by dove
and drove by drove
from coast coast and coast to cove
Kristin Dec 2020
She's a would-be
Disney villainess
a temptress

She's a would-be
a mogul-ess

She's a fear
and she's a longing
distant and yet, oh-so-near

She's a myth
and she's a nightmare
so subtle, yet full of pith

And so unreal
yet in reality, so sad
all because, she's ******* mad

Mad like the full moon
mad enough to tear her hair
don't you stare

Trope upon trope
we lay upon the forbidden woman
the discarded woman without hope

If only we had the eye of compassion
instead of berating her for her passion
we'd heal our lost mothers and daughters at last
Robert C Ellis  Jul 2016
Robert C Ellis Jul 2016
Stargazer fish, of tactile scope,
a firm apparatus of sullen sail taking on watercrest
and nests in song,
in rivaling storyboards hoping children read along
of the pirate’s appendage - the moonlight, the claim rights
and every night cries for a villainess
to war the heart,
bombards and the plunder,
scuttling poetry under foamy humpback water
melted from night sky,
arriving in tides named for our stride
Idris Muntaqim Mar 2020
A supervillainess named Shriek wants to **** the coronavirus patients at a hospital, which is bad;
When Peter Parker finds out what Shriek wants to do, he gets mad.

Parker changes into Spider-Man and searches for Shriek, while swinging through the air;
Shriek has no care.

When Spider-Man finds Shriek and the villainess sees him, she uses her sonic energy blasts to try to **** the hero;
Spider-Man avoids getting killed by his foe.

Spidey hides from Shriek and I'll tell you why;
If Shriek can't find Spidey, he can knock her out and that's no lie.

When Shriek is unable to find Spidey and the web-head sees her, he knocks out the ***** immediately;
Spider-Man stops Shriek, which is spectacular as can be.

Spider-Man spins a web on Shriek;
The coronavirus patients thank Spider-Man for stopping the evil freak.

Spider-Man calls the police, which is smart;
Spider-Man had taken Shriek apart.

When the police arrive to arrest Shriek, Spider-Man swings away;
Shriek is going to prison and that's all I have to say.

— The End —