EMD 2h
Perhaps your like the snow
On a soft winter’s day
Or the first leaf to turn
Crimson in autumn
The first blossom in spring
The last rain in summer
A fish drowning
In the salty sea
A lonely bird
Falling through the sky
The first drop of rain
To hit the earth
Or maybe the last to drip down
The first bubbly sip
Or the last dregs from the can
Salty and sweet
And everything in between
EMD Oct 7
I want to love you
With all that I am
To kiss your burning lips
And my heart has been broken
So many times that now
I’m used to picking the shards out of my soul
EMD Sep 25
Oh suff’ring Savior
Come to me
Come spread that shadow o’er me
Hands and feet been pierced by nails
Wrap your arms around me
Kneel with me in sorrowed prayer
As yonder comes the mor-ning

The suff’ring Savior
Cant you see?
He’s waiting there before thee
Your eyes may yet be filled with tears
He’ll wipe them so that you may see
Ask and he shall hear your plea
As yonder breaks the mor-ning
EMD Sep 19
I have compared my muses to the sun
I have compared them to the moon
And even the ocean, just water too
To artwork and the stars
But I have nothing
To compare
To you
EMD Sep 18
Even the sky looks tired
Breathing fog against the trees
Sighing mist into the fields
Dark clouds like eye circles
Heavy lashes dripping raindrop tears
The grey cast of sleeplessness
Or at least, so it seems to me
That even he can’t dream
This one feels incomplete
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