EMD May 16
A heart that is twisted
Beyond all recognition
A torn up novel with a ruined cover

Tonight’s the night,
And in the dark
He’ll somehow fix her bleeding heart

Gilded pages,
A glued up binding,
In a soft new jacket

Pretty words and delicate pictures
Color and dark black ink
The adventure of a story
“Every life is a story to be told”-unknown
EMD May 9
Like the beating of a broken drum
Pulsing gently, gently throbbing
Quiet cold, the ache grows dimmer
Wind grows warm as in summer
Not done but I can’t think of anything else to write.
EMD May 8
Something burned between them
Like an un-ignited spark
The shadow of a flame
That was never lit
EMD May 3
I’m tired of being hurt by people I care about
Maybe it would be easier just not to care
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