EMD 3d
I thought I loved him
But I was wrong
It was you
All along
EMD 4d
The sweet smell of sweat dampened denim
Somewhere between pine sap and cinnamon
Where I can settle in by the beat of your heart
EMD 7d
Pin-****** of light
My stars in the darkness
Her smile warms my heart
And his eyes break it
Gentleness and kindness
They are my key and my door
A tender hug and a harsh voice
Reprimand and encouragement
My little pin-****** of light
You showed me that perhaps—
all is not lost
And I hope that I did the same
EMD 7d
I miss the me
That used to be
And I know, I am she
But still yet, I am not me

I miss the he
That used to be
And I know, that it is he
But still yet, that isn’t he

And I miss the we
That used to be
And I know, we’re still we
But still yet, this isn’t we
EMD Jan 3
Where does one go
When their rock turns into sand?
My mountain has crumbled and
I am swept off my feet
          And adrift
                    In a sea
That I know nothing about
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