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Sun dust
Come for me
In the between
You rise amidst
The darkness befell
Remember me
The sun sets in the horizon of his eyes
We met at a time of war and love
Though these empty hearts were filled with lies
He and I rose above
Where our hearts alike
Free beings flee like doves
Our souls forever intertwined
In another world
He is always mine
He held my face and lingered
Eyes like the stormy seas
As if I could see into the world
Where he and I are free
And the sky lit up with clouds
Where love overcomes death
His face unfaded like the sun
For what is lost are only feelings
Moved by the wind unsung
Wait for me
Behind the trees
Of Winter's end
In the meadows
Of Summer's wake
Find me
Beneath the water
Where maids sing
A song of desire
Luring deeper in
The mystery
Of your love
Where there is
A kingdom
Of gold
I remember
To find the door
Through the meadows
Behind the trees
There you will be
Let me go
Our beats pressed
Into a single tune
Help me
Dance in the light
Find me
Within the shadows
Of your memory
I see your love
Hanging on
A single line
Letting me go
There is silence in our eyes

I see you in the darkness

Of your fading light

Make me believe

That fairies tell tales

Of magic and love

That conquers the world

Yet when time fades

And the earth breaks

Beneath our feet


I once told a fairy

to tell a tale

Of your heart

Even if

It is not paired

With mine.
You appear
When the first
Teardrop of heaven
Falls to the earth

Others long for warmth
Of the sun rise
Yet I find myself
Falling deeper into storms

Your form
Brought about by
Waters of the earth
Where love is created

I see you
In the midst
Of thunderstorms and hail
And I start to pray

Towards heaven I raise
To give me one more
Day of rain
Day of you

I cry for one more drop
As you fade
Into the dew
Of the morning

Let it rain
Let you stay
Let fade
Let me rain
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