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Kurt Philip Behm Sep 2018
“Commercially Successful”
   —the metaphysical oxymoron

(Villanova Pennsylvania: June, 2016)
sunshine  Nov 2019
*missed calls*
sunshine Nov 2019
i can hear the rain running its fingertips on the windows again

the music is drowning out the pain between my head and my heart

i just wanted to taste the love and the lust but I couldn't have both

he told me he was getting bored of the conversations

but don't you go around saying what you don't mean baby

i can almost hear what you whispered into my ears

we all know you're worth more than what you even bother to say

the smokescreen from the couch to the bedroom makes me dizzy

i'm one in a million just falling for one out of ten

she told me you were too busy for anyone else

you can almost hear the sound my tears made on your chest

so pass me whatever is in the cup because we're too numb to try

i feel the rain running its fingertips on the window again

and suddenly i don't feel so alone when you're not here
my phone died
my texts didn't send
my heart forgot to not-fall

Trying to perceive the dissonance
I changed paths
Walked and treaded, went looking for the mendacious among the  
Well read, there lay somnambulant desires
Was time and space, I could not face the present summer months seem longer
The billowing nimbuses turned into the peach clouds meant to be there
Sadness washes over your face like acid and acrid Pink Floyd
The painkillers just wash down your sink with the medication
The window of torture in the soul's window
Call it watching the smokescreen with scion meant watching
The sunrise
The same reminiscent pain comes to haunt you again
They're watching and praying
I hope you find your wealth in good luck, but good wealth in bad luck
But, you can't be rich and pretend to not talk about it
Go ahead then let's talk about it
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