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Away from dreams
Away from reality and its schemes
Far from the realm of irrational interpretation
Far faraway on an emotional diversion

Just for a day
To be a different way
Taste a different air
To have no reason
No reason to care

This noise that deafens
A noise obscure
The sound that softens
A peace so pure
The maddening crowd
Of this future is so loud
Incoherent , ignorant
And foolishly proud

Away from dreams
Falling apart at the seams
From tempest to tranquillity
From complex chaos to simplicity
nico papayiannis Dec 2020
A battle rages
This war of attrition
The mind shall not wither
And these old bones
Well they’ll just keep on going

It’s been 50 years
No winner no loser
Just the constant,  relentless
Aimed with precision

It shall not end
Dug deep into foundations
No explanations
My burden my curse
My introduction

Madness depression
Just a spiritual recession
The good times don’t linger
The bad times leave their stench
Emotions cold like the butchers bench

And so it goes
Nobody knows
Just smile and wave
Live with your afflictions
Maybe your addictions
Only so few will truly care
An expansive existence
Wrapped tight in resistance
Then into the ether
The ambitious air of solitude
nico papayiannis Oct 2020
You gaze in my direction
A look void of affection
From your eyes the hatred does pour
I’d rather be facing, the barrel of a 12 bore
Armed, dangerous and primed at the trigger
This target that I am couldn’t get any bigger
I’ll take no chances
Ignore all, of your ungratified glances

The enemy
Is all I can be
It’s all you can see
That is why
I am not free
Ever since I had
No more love to decree

It is but a sad ending
It was always our cause
That I was defending
But the messages you were sending
Had my heart breaking
My mind twisting and bending
A love like this
I’ll not be recommending

So keep your stare
Your look of contempt
For my eyes see no more
Of the barrage that does not relent
Submission not on the cards
Victory in defeat never a concern
But you have rearranged,  altered and destroyed
Every piece of love I ever employed
So look no more in my direction
And keep your abundance of afflicted affection
nico papayiannis Sep 2020
A wise friend once said
“Bureaucracy dilutes democracy”
The peoples choice becomes one voice
A voice void of reason
Tainted with treason

Reality recites insanity
Humanity parades as a profanity
We choose to follow
And have no choice as we swallow

Poverty perverts prosperity
Mass consumption consumes every known commodity
Feed the nations
Chaos not a theory
But enlisted with such simplicity

Bureaucracy has destroyed democracy
Captivated by capitalism
The proletariat does conform
Enslaved to a wage
To perpetually perform
nico papayiannis Sep 2020
Everything new
It started with you
The ways of old
Now stranded alone,
Distant and cold
The way it was shall never be
It all started with you
And how you set my heart free

If it were that there could be only one
I know where it would start.
Just seeing you is enough
To wave the sadness goodbye
Into forever it shall depart

Your smile it captivates
Your soul illuminates
Love just resonates
An aura of serenity surrounds
The passion of life you ignite
As I lay down my arms
No more the need for the needless fight

I’d take your hand
We would walk this land
Teach the world to love life again
Free our spirits and free our minds
Free the world of this pain of existence
Unity and love ,
Not the evolution of resistance

Everything new
It all started with you
And all that I am all that I ever could be
It was you that gave it to me
nico papayiannis Aug 2020
The prophecy
The preposterous fallacy
Entwined in the galaxy
The human tragedy

Self satisfaction
The earths depletion
Is it fact, is it fiction
To perish is to serve
Our twisted tradition

We care not what we consume
We live on our laurels
Punishing as we presume
We will find the answers
In a darkened room

Our dreams, they deny
The tales of fortune,  they are a lie,
We hope that the aspiration to succeed
Outweighs the truth of our desires for greed

And so it ends
A distress call in the dark extends
Echoes, just for a solitary moment
Then the silence of your dreams dance naked
As the world continues,  oblivious
Just like the others, oh so obvious,
nico papayiannis Jun 2020
If it is your colour that resonates
If it is your race that dictates
Then maybe you shall never move
Far from the roost
From your cultured standing
Self contained
Sometimes unexplained
But hostile and impervious to change
As all around
Earths wondrous ground
The rest of life is expanding

No fear for your difference
Yet animosity for you resistance
Your intellectual negligence
We all have colour
We all have creed
But not all of us
In fact most of us
Don’t need to prove this
By showing you how we bleed

In my small time
I have witnessed humanity
Commit each and every day
An inhumane crime
On mass we accept
As we protest to expect
And still the awaiting change sits lazy and loathing the air we breathe
So the meaning from within
Is maybe how we alter our current fate
Stand proud to be but alive, to experience the here and now
Embrace to erase
A history that decided
To keep us all
Eternally divided

Mia fatsa   Mia ratsa
Una faccia   Una Razza
One face     One race
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