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Defend your honour
Your means to an end,
From the inglorious to ecstasy
You shall transcend,
Fall apart and dream a dream
Fall far from
The swollen stream,
Take light
Take dark
Take infatuation,
Live hard
Live fast
And seek no inexplicable
The fire in your soul
The mindlessness of your mind,
Let them not battle
Let them not
Render you blind,
Your path
Your choice
Your reason
Your voice,
Let no others
Put you asunder
Let the world hear
Your crack of thunder
The introvert
Emulates the desires
Of the extrovert
An inward vision of a life self contained
Played out on the fields
Of the self confessed social terrorist
Look at me
Look at what I can do
My clothes my attitude
They are just like you
I must be known
For all that is so nonchalantly grown
Leave me be
Leave me here all alone

I have an idea
It fills some with fear
I strive , I toil
I never give in
To be so proud
And never need
To broadcast my life so loud
To take no photos and write no text
Frightening I know
That a total immersion into
A world of a different version
Does not compute
Does not resonate across the masses
It's where we should be, full of life and free
Not chained to an image of constant correction
Fighting each and every
Introverted imperfection
It is catastrophic
It is unbelievably catatonic
And I truly am
The eternal sceptic
With the ability to create
We destroy and deploy
An instruction to humanity
That the life you live
The very air you breathe
Forgotten is our existence
If we don't embrace the love of life
This very instance

I am sick of the false prosperity
Built upon the negligence
The indoctrinated desire to believe
That gold oil and diamonds
Were all that was needed
To disarm and deceive
Bring nations to their knees
As the perpetrators of the pain
Do as they so please

Amidst the quagmire of imagination
Our neighbours we become
With great intellect
We choose not to dissolve or dissect
We strive instead for popularity
And breed openly, familiarity
As identical as a twin
You can fit in , never stand out
Is this what the human race is really all about

We are controlled, and into this system
We willingly enrolled
We sit by and watch the greed takeover
We do nothing but work and pay a hefty tax
Just to provide the justification for our leaders
To bring upon this planet their unlawful attacks
Where there is war there is pain
And when it's all over someone's pocket feels the gain
We march we protest
But in our futures we seem to not invest
As sheep we follow
To escape our lives so hollow
So forget the symbolism , the brain washing autocracy that rules with nothing short of an atrocity
It is so hard, to ignore and discard
So easy though, to accept and go with the flow
The choice it does remain
The choice of ignorance and the insane
Or a desire to walk a forgotten lane
So glorious is life
when riding the crest
How miserable though
when it is all you detest

Calm and self-satisfied
when all is at ease
But so low and degenerated
when nothing seems to please

Sometimes strong
positively untouchable
Other days weak
undeniably fragile

You can spend your time
high with the birds
And then crash to the ground
because of some thoughtless words

Optimism constructs hope
out of misery
Helps to soothe
the mental brutality

The fate of the pessimistic
malfunction in rejection
Peaks and troughs
life's great reflection
It feels like ****** sometimes
This ******* life
This ******* handed to me on a broken China plate
A powdered mixture
A forgotten fixture
The deafening drive of reality and it's predator playmates
A light can burn
And a thought can turn
Change the make believe
Into the demon that does deceive
We don't talk
We won't talk
Problems grew
Far beyond me and you
The silence it calms
No reason
To take to arms

We accept the reasons why
Side by side
We walk on by
I don't speak your name
Mine is never heard
No emotions to exchange
All feelings now
Go way beyond blurred

I saw an old figure
Hunched,  but familiar
Whispering words
Words of regret
How time so quickly
Does seem to pass
Drinking from an empty glass

In a broken mirror
I can see
The person I blame
The person who won't talk to me
Fractured memories
Of a splintered past
A heart forged from stone
A heart that shall forever last
I see demons
I see death,
I see destruction,
My own demise
My own release
This is why
I cannot see peace

Tortured from days of young
An incarceration
A burden to wear
Private words in private thoughts
And the reason for all the unforgiving ways

You have yours
And I certainly have mine
The trajectory never a tangent
But multiple and critical
Fuelling the cynical
Shameful, sorrowful, despondent , diseased

Once or twice
I actually spoke
The response
The valued diagnosis
A joke
No words to inhale
Just sit listen and choke

So my rugged path
Wayward and distressed
Has brought it's own fortunes
And not always impressed
I ask for nothing but the same
To be accepted and shoulder no blame

You don’t need mine
Nor I yours
The messages we'd send
Of such labour and chores
Accept the difference
And take no sides
Home alone
Is where the fear hides
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