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Ann M Johnson Dec 2013
I want you to know that your my shinning star
You fill my heart with your magnificent light
You brighten my day and night with your dazzling light
You may not know it but you are my muse
You are my inspiration in many ways
Thoughts of you keep me going on difficult days
You brighten my days and night with dazzling light
I want you to know that whether you are near and far
You are my shinning star
You fill my heart with magnificent light
I want you to know that even though our time together is to brief
I always believe in you, and hold you dear in my heart
It is hard to part from you
You may not know it, or I might not show it but after we say Goodbye
I start to cry,then i remember, that i can not hold onto you forever
because you are a shinning star and are destined for greatness
Your my shinning star you fill my heart with magnificent light
I know that you encourage me to follow my dreams
I want you to know that a very big dream already came true
The day I first held you in my arms, and looked in your eyes and saw
that light there, and I am sure my eyes were glowing too,
I remember that day in December like it was yesterday
Always remember your a shinning star
I want you to know your my shinning star
you fill my heart with your magnificent light
you brighten my day and night with your  dazzling light
This poem is one I wrote for my daughter whose Birthday was earlier this week.
I hope she reads it soon, I think she will be surprised, I hope she likes it!!
Be that shinning star, to help guide the way.  Help dispel the darkness, turning it into day.
Be that shinning star, to bring the wise from far.  In part into those who are fighting, to no longer remain in War.
Be that shinning star, that twinkle in someone's weeping eyes.  Bring them close to you, placing them by your side.
Be that shinning star, to beam down upon that sad place.  Let it glow for miles away, upon each and every face.
Be that shinning star, glowing everywhere.   To those who desire to see, be sure that you are there.
By, Author & Poet, Sandra Juanita Nailing
Robin Carretti Aug 2018
This is far from a
car S-p-a--C-y
Oh! My? Crossover traveler
The Phyton
Top of the rank
New job space
planning tech magic cursor

Magical Podcast*

Do we have space
Sci-Fi-Hi Meeting
Googling creating playing
Cheating Overexaggerating
And faking our

Not meeting our deadlines
What is the right time?
Spacewalking on the yellow brick
the road you are my sunshine*
"Million light years away from being rich"?

     Lucy in the Sky
       LSD-Little space devil
No/space for Jack the shinning
of diamonds, this isn't Oz
Emerald City or spin-off

Climb the ladder space objects clutter
Posh-Rich Witch is which
The last epidemic standup comic

Crawling having a ball Spalding

That Spiderwomen kvetch
Wolftie face switched
Fox lies moms moon pies
The collision of the moon
Space monkey baboon
The equation or burning
Sun people in devastation

Magic God

What time holds the
Mass control Einstein the professor
The brain exploding stars
Study hall those equations

In Princeton New Jersey
Those tiny particles lost in space
This corporation division
Space Between_

*Hard paper scissors and
Mr. Rock

It's time to money pound
The Big Ben clock
"Do we act like the only
one on this planet"                  
The Singularity
The multiplicity
The burning sun
War of the Military
Hot fun "Twin City"
Medieval twin planets

She's brace-space and he's
Well known physic
energy flowing one
step beyond collision of '
     Two Gods"

Magic space-lotus love of "Venus_

The Mall of America Star Spangle Banner
Next International flight became a winner

Plants and animals
The primal magic
Catching the
planets there both
The submerging eye
Space-out engaging

The civilization nightmare
On the cusp right here
Martian stripe and stars
Wipeout species of mars
Gravitatious collide of lovers
Confused about earthlings
More siblings another planet colliding

Like a space odyssey ground control to
      "Major Tom"
Fe fi fun on space run
Our Earth Mondadori
Spicy pleasure taste for
Chicken Tandoori
Magical dish
Make a wish

Magic hands believing

Metagalactic space and time
Holy God realistic
Osprey someone is the prey
In the movie magical classic
Breakfast at Tiffanys
Holiday mind dressed up window
"Out of our comfort zone
eating to the end twilight zone widow"

The extra enchanted evening
For the Moms only
Our heads over space
heels hit the ceiling

Eggs Benedict, the salt wasn't kosher
Artsy Audrey Hepburn don't push her

Celestial Ocean Space Steven Universe
The Christmas madness sale
Poison Ivy Pointsetta what
a vendetta
Interstellar meeting her
new race feeling out of place
Adulation like a prosecution
Space collide anytime
can explode

Two worlds become tragic
Space station not a game
A haunting catastrophic
Collision Titanic ship

Magically got more modified
Needing a space program the
spy to identify  

Dragonfly to Madame Butterfly
Space of magic crime-space
All spots, not Dalmatian
Space wings set up for Superman
Magic fan rising adrenaline
Monster cookies for Madeline

Fire and Ice Global warming
wildfires now the collision
On another planet warning
Miracle blessing of magic
Someone before or after
just to touch them

We cannot stop this craziness
The outburst goes pop the weasel

Magic place portal
Something in the way
to crumble like a baby
firstborn rocking her cradle

The curiosity space philosophy
Like breed of cats,
Licking tongue envelope
The cats eye Egyptian
Terrified space milk the tabby
Meeting my space hubby

Microscopic became two dots .-.
Space became a new buried plot
Is this all I got Twitter
Home run ball and
New York Dodgers
Brooklyn bat *******

So compelled to the computer
Designed the Rover robot lover
Magical Elton John
space planner
Across the Universe
John Lennon
Bennie and the Jets
Like a science
Teacher's pets

Eyes spaced out the magic place within**
So sacred magic hat Rabbit
Mountain bear Airspace Hobbit
Roll over Beethoven
The dog bone playing space I tunes

The spaceship magic
fingers piano
Plays one enchanted evening
Let me see the beautiful
new awakening
When Robin sings
Her magical wand
Lights up the world
of hands magical awaits

Remember "A Poem" can be magic
Collison in Space or Good earth how do we collide into one another planet some fire exposed in our words can we change the way we feel we collide again but what happens when our planets collide
Tiana  Jan 2020
I love you
Tiana Jan 2020
I love you.
I love only you.
I want you.
Only you.
Why can't you see that?
Why can't you feel the way I do?
I love you so much that it's hard to let you go.
I can't let you go.
You are my world.
I want it to stay that way.
I want to be able to kiss and tell u how much I love you but I can't.
I'm just unlucky enough not to have you.
I love you more than I have ever loved anyone else.
It not easy to move on.
I don't want to.
I need you.
I choose you.
But you don't choose me.
No matter how much I'm begging myself  to move on,I can't.
Why can't you see that?
No one will ever love you the way I did. Never.
And I can't love anyone else like I loved you. They are simply not you.
I don't want a man. I want you.
But we don't always get what we want.
If God gave me one wish I would ask him to give you the ability to love me.
If you gave us a chance I will show you how beautiful our love story can be.
Everything I have I wanna spend it on you. My love, my life, my everything is for you.
I want you. Your hugs. Your kisses. Your lips. You. I want all of you. Every flaw and every imperfection I want it all. Every beauty every gem you posses within I want them all. The beauty and the nightmare let me share it with you. Let it be us. For I love you more that the moon loved the night. I don't care if you got a few broken pieces I'll fix them up with mine no matter the hurt it gives. Through good times and bad times I choose you, I want you.
Here I am loving you so much but there you are telling me to move on.
How can I?
You tell me it's not possible.
You just can't love me.
Move on!!!!
But I  can't!! I don't want too.
I still wish the impossible will happen.
Though it hurts like hell.
Breaks me in two.
Burns my heart.
Waiting is agony.
But I still wanna face it for you.
This love I feel it's too much.
It's so much. It's more than what I have ever felt. I don't know how to control it. It's controlling me.
You say move on,
How can I move on when you bring out the best in me. You make me feel safe. My whole sanity is with you. I love the way you look at me. You see me for me. That's what I want.
People say love yourself. Know your worth. you don't need him.
I do. I do love myself.
I know my worth. I know I'm all worthy of your love and you are all worthy of mine.
In your eyes I've seen the image of me. I've seen how you have seen me. And the way you've  seen me is what I am. The real me. This is what I deserve. I deserve to be loved for who I am because I am a woman who has made lots of mistakes but still worthy of love. And that's how you see me. Everyone else only seen me at my most beautiful times and all my achievements.  So they love me for that. But you are the only person who knows me inside out. The real full entire human being I am everything you know. And yet you see me so beautiful the way I deserve to be seen.
Then how can I not love you. How can I want someone else when you are all I crave for.
I tried my best to make you love me. A few scratches on my skin, a few pieces  of my heart fell but yet I'm fighting my way past all the voices that scream "move on!!"
It's not easy.
No one will ever understand this pain.
You are my best friend. My ******* hero. My angel. My life. My Anam cara ( Meaning: A person with whom you can share your deepest thoughts, feelings and dreams with your soul friend)
I can't just move and start over again it's not easy in this wicked world.
When I was wondering with a broken heart and trust you found me and fixed me. Like that you got glued to my heart. I can't take you away. Then all the pieces you fixed will fall off again.
I don't want to trust another and get hurt again. I've been through enough.

I am the dark sky and you are my moon. You light me up so bright and made me beautiful. I was just a dark cloudy sky but then you came and lit me with your beautiful glow. You filled my sky with stars as you brought out the best in me. No one will ever understand how important the moon is in the night sky.

But it's sad that the moon doesn't like the sky. Every morning when the sky woke up The moon was gone. The sky  had to let the hot sun shine and light her up. The sun was nice but not all the time. Not like the moon. It couldn't compare to the peace the moon brought. The sun loved the sky. It loved to make the sky bright but mornings aren't peaceful at the night. The sun didn't paint the sky with its stars or any gifts. But the moon did. The sun simply shined when the sky was happy and bright but the moon it shined when the sky was sad. No matter how many dark clouds covered the sky the moon could simply take it away. But some days when the moon was gone the sky cried. she  cried cause she was alone in her darkness. She cried for the moon because she knew the moon didn't love her back. He was probably shinning somewhere else. For no sun could make the sky shine on a rainy day. Then again the moon would show up and the rain would stop. The sky will shine. All dark clouds are gone. The sky knew she could never have the moon , he was there simply for a reason. But she couldn't help wishing for the impossible.  Wishing that the moon will forever be hers. She has heard little children say that everything is possible but having the moon wasn't one of them. But she couldn't leave the moon because the sky was incomplete without him. So with a broken heart she let him be. But at the same time she was happy because as long as she had the moon she was okay and nothing can make her dark.

You are my moon.
And I,
I'm the sky.
But just not yours.
Like the moon can never be the sky's.

I hope to die and wake up in another world where you are mine and I am yours.

Till that goodbye.
A simple rant to my cupcake
Celeste  Feb 2016
Villanelle Poem
Celeste Feb 2016
Follow the celestial alignments, seek the star shinning bright
The deep leaves and vines of the forest will entangle you
Keep striving for the path of the glistening moonlight

When your lost in the forbidden darkness of the night
The birds swoop swiftly beneath the glimmer of clouds, blue
Follow the the celestial alignments, seek the star shinning bright

Be above the fear of mystery and commit to the light
Grasp the hope, dig your fingers in and follow through
Keep striving for the path of the glistening moonlight

The warmth of the light will steam your soul to fight
The trees, the leaves, all unsatisfying. Even the flowers too.
Follow the the celestial alignments, seek the star shinning bright

The bleakness of the way you've been traveling will give you the might
To find something that you never knew
Keep striving for the path of the glistening moonlight

Now you are found, predestined for life, never leaving sight
Examining how much more beautiful everything is, even the dew
Keep striving for the path of the glistening moonlight
Follow the the celestial alignments, seek the star shinning bright
Also, this poem is open for interpretation. However, I wrote this poem particularly describing life trying to find Jesus, the light.
DAVID  May 2017
shinning muse
DAVID May 2017
oh secret muse,
the shinning eyes,
the perfect smile

adored in the twiligth,
the vision before nigth,
traps this ******* rigth

oh the tender smile,
the gracious laughs,
you are indeed the
adored one.

beneath the moon,
looking in your eyes,
hope and a smile

secret muse you indeed
make the ******* shine,
inside and out

with a secret glow, the shine
of the one that is loved,
the shine of a smile.

the path is all aroud,
cause you followed
your heart, that is the
sacred path.

the secret way to do
things rigth, is following
your heart.

not shinning like a star, but
as a man, doing rigth,
following his heart, working
on love.

the star in my skies,
shinning brigth, day and nigth
sacred muse, pasion and deligth

elegant and brigth,
beautiful and truth,
divine and prophane,

oh secret muse, queen of hearts,
divine ligth in the ******* nigth,
your love makes a world shine.
Jordan Smucker  Feb 2015
Jordan Smucker Feb 2015
It swells and swarms
in leaps and bounds.
creates a path
and open a door
Into a land of light and sound
that is bright and shinning all around
It pulls as it whispers
Soft and slow
It hints at what we cannot know.
SelinaSharday Apr 2018
The beast loving the beast he didnt have
sympathy for beauty and the way that beauty should be treated.
Beauty she didnt have the ******* nature of
reality that means the way a beast should be. Beauty and her Beast
The tender love and affection that beauty needed.
Was often ignore rejected and neglected.
from the beast.
The same way, that beauty wasnt able to
saddle the ******* meaness
and the rocky foundation.
That the beast was used to. To accept him being what he is.
Unloving uncaring ungiving.
because he is better known as this beast.
Beauty and her Beast.
Beauty would often be torn ravished and taken for granted.
While the beast would often feast on the tender meat.
Of Beauty! Ravishing and seeking, beastly taking.
Barely ever having anything descent to be giving.
No kindness no loving ways, no maturity.
Because the beast didnt even love himself.
This beast he be!
Sometimes as beauty would be recovering
she'd reach for him in his rocky
******* places and it would leave her torn.
In tragedy torn ripped places because Beauty.
Needs peace beauty needs sweet relief.
That couldnt be provided.
By a ravishing Beast.
Beasty and her beast.
The way he seeks,, the way he treats the way he harms.
The way he rings alarms.
Beauty would sigh love me! The Beast would say Hate me.
Hate me I am Beast!
My Features are beast My ways are Beast.
My Heart is beasty. For I remember am Beast.
Beauty would cry Love me, desire me, want me,
Cherish Me, feed me nourish me.
comfort me, cradle me.
For I am beauty and I seek love and maturity.
I am Beauty. Do Not Devour me.
But nourish me and treat me kindly  
And Know that I am beauty.
I seek sweet sleep sweet deliverance
For I am Beautiful I need not  a Beast!
Don't be beasty let me transform you into my Prince charming
my romantic knight and shinning armor.
can I kiss the beast and he turn into my romantic beast.

By SelinaSharday.. All Rights reseved S.A.M 2018
hear it on soundcloud
Xaela San  Aug 2018
Xaela San Aug 2018
Let me tell you a secret nobody knows

I'm insecure, I hate myself, I don't see myself pretty, I'm a mess
Mess up in the head
Standing in front of you, my mind keeps on running and running and running away
From logic and reason I wish I have now

I'm under this great pressure I made myself
I can't lift it up, it just keep on, in on, in on crashing every faith in myself
and chain every part of me
Blinding my eyes
Sealing my mouth
Killing me slowly inside
And I can't breath seeing my reflection in the mirror
I'm sick of it

I keep on saying, I keep on screaming
I keep on crying, I keep on wishing
I keep on praying to be like them
but even the shooting star can't change that

How do you run from what's in your head?

I can't free myself from my insecurities
I'm embarrassed, I've become a mess, I've become a hater
It keeps on destroying myself inside
and I can't take it out of my mind

Every second, every minute, every moment of my life
Is slowly becoming something my jealousy made
I started to hate myself
I started to hate the people I'm jealous of

Because I want to be like them  
Pretty, Confident, Intelligent, Proud and Shinning
Everything I ever wanted, but I can never be like them, I can never be them
I'm like an unfit puzzle piece of the society I want to fit in

My jealousy, my insecurities made me into someone I despise
Hatred for myself runs in my veins
Everything I stand for just disappeared into the oblivion
like bubbles disappearing  into the thin air

And I'm becoming trap in my own twisted world without realizing it
As it drowns me, pulling me with its current to the darkness of my tainted mind
Its just a matter of time I might breakdown

Everyday I keep on telling myself be strong, be strong, be strong
stop being insecure, but I don't have the strength to do it
I don't have the courage to tell it to my friends, to my family
I'm dying inside- I want them to see through me
and when I lie - I'm fine they'll believe it without a doubt

I want to share it to the world, but I can't help myself to lie, to push everyone away - I've become a fool
I know it sounds crazy, I myself don't know why
I just want people to realize I need help without me telling them

I want them to save me from my own tainted mind full of insecurities

I want you to save me from my own tainted mind full of insecurities

Can you do it?
Because I can't.
This is my spoken poetry piece... And im not sure if this is correct... This is my first time writing it...
A diamond in the rough,
is a diamond sure enough:
And before it ever sparkles,
it is made of diamond stuff;

But someone has to find it,
or it never will be found:
And someone has to grind it,
or it never will be ground;

In the hands of the master,
it is cut and burnished bright:
Then that diamond's everlasting,
shinning out its purest light;

Oh people out there yearning,
to hear this sage advice:
This diamond in the rough,
is you mother, or your wife;

She's the one that sits beside you,
or the one that takes your hand:
She's the mother of your children,
and the mother of this land;

She is polished by her Knowledge,
and her Wisdom, and her Love:
She was sent to guide us to the world,
by he who sits above;

Now you who listen to my voice,
these words I speak of my own choice:
On God I surely place the blame,
as Mother and Diamond, must mean the same.

---- ©1972 Bradley Ray Wardle ----
Written in High School English class for Mothers Day 1972
Tyler Jenne' Aug 2016
This is a story I started to write about 3 or 4 years ago and still working on it.

The Great Journey
By: Tyler Jenne'

Chapter 1: New heroes

    There once was a small town known as Nightville. It was one of many small towns that had been split up from one big city. The king of nightville was the ruler of all the land. He became one of the most fear rulers of the Ancient city. As he sat upon his throne while the execution of 3 criminals was about to commence. These 3 criminals were Tyler, Paul, and Aren they were being executed for committing treason against the town of nightville. Before the execution could get under way Tyler asked to speak with the king. As the guards escorted Tyler, Paul, and aren to the king they noticed a shinny spark outside of the castle walls. The guard said to the King that 3 prisoners wish to speak to him.

    My guards tell me that you 3 wish to make  a deal with me to lesson your charge of treason said the king. Yes if there is anything that we can do to lesson our charge feel free to ask answered Tyler. Now that you mention it there is one thing the 3 of you can do for me replied the king. I have a little problem that you might be able to help me with. Sure what is it replied Paul. This kingdom was once part of a Ancient City. And something of great value was taken quite some time ago answered the king. It's called the Ancient Artifact it is what give the ancient city life. I have a friend that will help guide you to your destination.

    How far do we have to travel before we meet your friend asked aren. He is in the Majestic forest of Tieranorith replied King Goldencrown. All I can say is that you must travel through the rigorous valley of lost souls, but beware of the treacherous orcs lieing within the brush of the valley. How do we know if we'll be going the right way asked Paul. Trust in yourself to guide you through the valley. There is only one way to go and no way you can get lost answered king goldencrown. You are no longer criminals you are 3 brave warriors under the command of King Goldencrown. Now off you go and may your inner spirit serve you well and guide you to the safe haven of the ancient city.

   So as the  3 friends rode off on their horses towards the majestic forest of tieranorith. The roads were rocky and rough as the friends traveled through brush and rubble of Old Nightville. It's nothing, but a wasteland said Tyler. Just remember if we do this our debt to society will be erased from the records of the justice court of nightville said aren. We must keep moving before it gets dark said Paul. The 3 friends found a cave to rest for the night so they could have enough energy to resume their journey. Little did the 3 friends know, but orcs were slowly creeping up on the 3 warriors. As the friends woke from their slumber they smelled something foul in the air. Oh god what is that awful stench asked Paul. It smells like something died or was killed in the night. Yeah I smell it too damm that stinks answered aren. I smell it too, but it doesn't smell like something that was killed in the night it smells like a grotesque creature that is hiding from the light replied Tyler.

   Above on the mountain top far away a shadow like figure watch the brave warriors continue their travels towards the dark valley of lost souls. He sent his minions out to get rid of the brave warriors. Knowing that there was already a pack of rabid orcs and wolves on their heels. Minions seek out the leader of the orcs and bring them to me shouted the shadow figure. As the minions set out to join the rabid group of orcs in ridding their land of the brave warriors. Meanwhile the braves warriors reached the valley of lost souls. It's so dark here said Tyler. Legend has it that there was a great battle waged in this valley replied aren. It used to be a grand arena where they had brave gladiators fight to the death. They must have been brutal battles here replied Paul. You can still see the blood stains in the sand. Whoa did you guys feel that? asked Tyler. I don't feel anything replied aren. Yeah me neither said Paul. I could have sworn I felt something had gently brushed me on the cheek said Tyler. Maybe the heat of this valley is getting to me.

   Halfway through the desert filled valley the brave warriors look at each other in awe at the amazement of carnage left from a ****** and brutal wars. Holy crap look shouted Aren. It looks like something is up ahead. Whoa that's weird replied Tyler. As the brave warriors looked ahead and kept moving forward they could see a bloodshed of dead bodies lieing in their way. Oh my goodness what happened here asked Paul. There are bodies everywhere answered Aren. The bodies were mangled and hanging off of tree limbs. We have to keep moving said Paul. The brave warriors climbed over the dead bodies thankfully they made it to the end of the valley of lost souls. As the sun began to fall the brave warriors stop into a dark forest. This is interesting said Tyler. Let's get some sleep and in the morning we'll explore this odd forest. The sky was dark and lurking in the darkness orcs were getting closer and closer to the brave warriors. As the wind began to blow the trees back and forth the orcs jumped to and from the trees with ease. The next morning as the sun rose from behind the great mountain.

    High above the great mountain was the shaman of the north. He had kept watch over the brave warriors since they made their way through the valley of lost souls. It shouldn't be much longer until they reach the majestic forest of of Tieranorith. I only hope vaiking hasn't sent his minions out after them said Matthew. As the brave warriors woke from their slumber they looked around at the forest. Wow those are huge trees said aren. I can see a giant mountain and at the top of it is what looks like a church of some sort replied Paul. Halt who has been tresspassing through my forest asked King Anthony. I'm Tyler and these are my friends Paul and Aren. What brings you into my forest? asked King Anthony. We are in search of an ancient artifact replied aren. Oh yes I remember a long time ago when the ancient artifact was used to power the ancient city, but again that was a long time ago replied King Anthony.  So the story of the ancient city is true? asked Tyler. Yes very much so answered King Anthony.

    Your forest is amazing said Paul. Thank you I come out here from my castle when something is troubling me replied Anthony. Does anyone know who would take the ancient artifact? asked aren. Many of the rulers throughout the ancient city believe it's vaiking who took the ancient artifact replied Anthony. You may not have realized it, but as you walked through the valley of lost souls you passed through a invisible portal that only can be seen when the artifact is back where it belongs. Do know of vaikings where about? asked Paul. No replied Anthony. He was once a member of the great council within the ancient city. When there was a disagreement between two parties. We would take it to the council for final deliberation.

    Is the great counsel still active? asked Tyler. No replied Anthony. After the artifact was taken the cousin siece to exist. There was no reason to keep the cousin in effect since the city is revolves around the artifact. Who do you think might know where the artifact would located at? asked Paul. The shaman of the north might know replied Anthony. He lives at the top of the great mountain.  You must know that the artifact isn't one specific thing, it was broken into six pieces. Without all the pieces the ancient city will stay in darkness. Ok got it get artifact bring it to the ancient city to restore the life of the great counsel and the city said aren. Before you leave take these horses for they will help you get to the top of the great mountain.

    As the brave warriors left the forest heading north towards the great mountain. Still unaware of what was following them orcs were leaping from tree to tree. Who's there? asked aren. Is someone out there? What's wrong aren? asked Paul. I thought I heard something moving through the trees replied aren. I'm sure it was just the wind blowing through them said Paul. Maybe your right replied aren. Let's keep moving we are almost them to the great mountain. The brave warriors rode towards the  mountain on the horses. Riding up the first giant hill of this mountain was taking its toll on the brave warriors. Higher and higher they scaled the mountain. How much longer till we reach the top asked Tyler. Another day or so replied aren. The heat of the sun was beaming down onto the brave warriors. Water  I need water gasped Paul. Here drink from my canteen said Tyler. Thanks man I needed that said Paul. Your welcome replied Tyler.

    To their surprise as the sun was beating down on them a white flake fell from the sky. What the hell is this asked aren. It looks like snow answered Tyler. It was indeed snow falling from the sky, but not because of the gods above. The shaman of the north had cast a spell causing the snow to fall. He did this to help the brave warriors keep distance from the orcs that were behind them. The orcs still followed the brave warriors from behind, but not on the ground. they continued to swing from the trees.

Only to their surprise they were dropping like flies and hitting the ground  with much velocity. The ground shook violently to the core leaving not a trace of the orc. Let's find some cover before this blizzard topples over us said Paul. In here replied aren.  Into a cave they went not know what they would come across in the process. Lets rest in here for the night said Tyler. I'll build a fire replied aren.

The snow fell continuously throughout the night. The weather was treacherous to the point of barricading the entrance to the cave that the brave warriors were in. Morning came and the brave warriors woke to total darkness. Holy Crap what happened to the light said Paul. It looks as if the snow came completely over the cave entrance and now we're trapped in  here replied aren. I'll light a torch for us. Let's go this way there has to be another way out of this cave. The brave warriors made their way through the dark and wet cave.

     How much longer until we see another way out of this cave asked aren.  I don't know replied Paul. Let's keep moving if we stop we'll lose momentum to get back on the trail towards  the great mountain. Time went on and the braves warriors felt as if they had been in this cave for months even a year. Dude we really need to find a way out of here said Tyler. It's going to be ok man just calm down replied aren. I think I see something sparking in the corner over here. The brave warriors had stumble across a shiny piece of metal. ******* it's the first piece of the artifact said Paul. Cool let me see replied Tyler. I think I see some light up ahead. As the brave warriors kept moving forward the light became brighter and brighter the closer they moved towards it. They reached the area of where the light was shinning from. The light was coming from a wall of some sort. When the brave warriors pushed on the mysterious wall it opened to a room of what looked like was once a part of a castle from the roman era. There in the middle of the room was a mysterious hooded figure. Your travels have finally brought you to me for more guidance said the mysterious figure. Who are you and what do you want from us asked Paul. It is not what I want from you, but want can I help you with replied the mysterious figure. Not knowing that it is Matthew the shaman of the north behind the hood.

      The brave warriors scratch their heads in curiosity they think to themselves The has to be some sort of reason for us being able to survive all the obstacles we've faced in our journey for the ancient artifact said aren. Yeah, but it's not like this guy is the reason for us surviving the weather answered Paul. If he was the reason we should asked him why he has helped us make it this far and also where are we right now. You may be wondering who I am and where you are said the hooded figure. Yeah we were just thinking that answered Paul. My name is Matthew and I am known as the shaman of the north.  It's nice to meet you I'm Paul and these are my friends Tyler and aren. I know I have watched over you from the time you left nightville replied Matthew. You have many question and I have many answers for you. I know you wish to know where you are.
We are standing in a castle that used to be one of the many kingdoms within the ancient city long ago. Also you wish to know the time period you are in. When king Anthony had told you that when you made it through the valley of souls you passed through a portal into his forest, well that forest is part of the roman era. So we are in the roman empire days asked Tyler. Yes replied Matthew. The days of the roman empire are far from the glory days.

I remember when the roman empire was at their highest of having soldiers up to 300 strong. Did they have many wars during their reign asked aren. They did more so against barbarians that had came from the north replied Matthew. At that time the roman empire didn't have 300 soldiers, but enough to defend their lands. Again it was a long time ago, but the sands will forever be stained with the blood of the brave roman soldiers that defended their land. Anthony told us about vaiking and how he was once a part of the great counsel is there anything more you can tell us about vaiking and his part within the counsel? asked Paul. Ah yes vaiking he was once a part of the great counsel replied Matthew. He was second in line to be head of  the counsel and when things didn't go his way in the election for head of the great counsel. After that vaiking became obsessed with gaining the power of which that position held. He swore on the lives of everyone children and families that we would all pay for our decisions. Well does anyone know what happen to vaiking after his breakdown over power asked Paul. Last we knew he was building an army of orcs and minions to destroy the great counsel answered Matthew.

      The council decided to evacuate everyone within the ancient city take them to an unknown location to keep everyone safe from harm Matthew continued. After vaiking broke down about not getting the top seat of the council he swore that he would bring pain and suffering upon all those who conspired against him. As vaiking walked into the darkness with nothing more to lose the sand storm that ran through here destroyed almost everything and everyone. Soon thereafter no one has heard from or knows where vaiking disappeared to.  Many say he was swallowed by the sand storm and he now hide within the darkness where he stays because of the shame he brought to nightville. That must of been awful for him to feel betrayed by people he thought he could trust replied aren. Maybe a part of him did feel betrayed, but nobody felt more betrayed then the ancient city did answered Matthew.

We must leave for we aren't safe here there are orcs following you. they've been following from the very start of your journey. The four friends set forth to continue their journey of finding the remaining pieces of the ancient artifact. Still the orcs and minions were hot on their trail. Some orcs were riding on wolves where the remaining orcs scaled through the trees. The lead orc was one of the most dangerous orcs ever to ride on a wolf. His name was drake and nobody could match his strength. With one fell swoop he could lay waste to an entire group of soldiers with his mighty axe. The axe blade was made from harden steel and the base of his axe was carved from the trees of the majestic forest of Tieranorith. Someone let  lord vaiking that we have the shaman of the north and the three brave warriors in our sight ordered Drake.  As his fellow orcs sent word to lord
It is a story about me and my closest friends.
Erin Schenke Sep 2010
Do I chase
or do I run?
Do I hide
Or do I seek?

What happened to those fairy tales?
Those knights of old,
Those gentleman so bold.

It’s only in the movies I said,
It’s only in the books I’ve read.
There are no fairy tale endings anymore.

There are no damsels in distress,
No longer okay to be weak.
No longer okay to be meek.

There are no knights in shinning armour.
Chivalry is dead
Individuality deceased.

Romanticism was just a painting.
An 18th century joke.
To rally the oppressed and the yoke.

It’s pointless to go on wishing,
For that man that can read your mind.
There is no sense in feigning interest
And consenting to being blind.

So I shall set down my feminine ****
Of dragons and unicorns,
And men so bold.

Move on and back to reality
And ingest the hypocrisy.
Take my flowers
My chocolates, and
“I love you” ‘ s
And live in harmony?

Cough! Cough!
Uh sorry
And live in my romantic fatality.

— The End —