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Anjali Nov 30
He is just a attraction don't make him your distraction...(friends said)
I'm just part of your childishness and fiction..(he said)
Now after eight  year my heart proved he is my love...
Neither a attraction nor a distraction...
Just a  part of   my wonderfull  life and heart with a wonderful  feeling but a one sided destination.....!!!!!!      Copyrights : Anjali
Anjali Nov 30
I want you to be my part of life.

Things aren't going to be easy
Settled thoughts will make it frizzy
But my thoughts are pure and true
It will always be the same  for you..
I want you be my beautiful part of life.....
Unable to show how I'm feeling
They say it's just an imagination
But I say love is a beautiful illusion
Yours essence is a tune,my heart is a fife
Be like this and stay with me throughout my life.
It's all I have always wished for
Only you matter for me among core....
Copy rights: Anjalisiri
Un expreesed #pure love#Innocenese# # unable to express to you# waiting  # part of life# onesided..
Anjali Nov 26
A smile comes on my face everytime I think about you,
My heart experiences an unknown & unexpected happiness when i feel you around!
Anjali Nov 21
No expensive gifts,
No luxurious life,
No relationships!
Just the sparkle of eyes,
And exchange of chaming smiles!
Some untouched feelings,
Some unrevealed truths!
Seriously some beautiful relationships,
Not by bodies but  by souls..
Anjali Nov 14
"Don't you remember him?"
They asked.
"Can't you see, I'm still writing!"
She said.
They became silent.
Anjali Nov 13
Sky Makes Me Believe
That beyond love something is there,
No more to love, no more to hurt
Now for whom should we care?

Yes, it's me who uttered those phrases,
That love is most hatred.
Even I evacuated believing in love,
When the shattered heart was betrayed!
Anjali Nov 13
Having you around me was the only thing I wanted in my life,
Now when I have got I want to be always there in front of my eyes!
Even a single moment without you,
Makes me feel incomplete!
You were, You are, And You will always;
Be the one whom I want by my side for my entire life!
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