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Miguela shine Apr 2017
When you touch me
My body screams with pleasure
Your eyes boring into mine
legs intertwined
Ive never felt like this
Gentle kisses
Hugging me tight as our hips clashed
and the **** cuddles
So easy to mistake my feelings after *** for love
Science says it is love
So many hormones released
And before you know it
You're infatuated.
I don't know you
But what I do know
I love
and it KILLS ME
Dear Boof Man,
You will never read this
But I love you in a way...
And im sure you dont love me back.
I dont expect you to.
Weve known each other-
27 days
6 hook ups
100's kisses
1000's of words spoken between us
But you live over 300 miles away
We've meet in college
And what are labels really?
Promises that we can be what i want without the names.
It felt like a match made in heaven
We were raised the same
Knowing lifes games
How to play them
When to quit

So why Boof Man, why did we play this one?
*and why is it not over
I want to be more than we are
Miguela shine Apr 2017
Light pollution
Plus my ****** camera
Means you cant see the sight i'm seeing
It also means the sight i'm seeing isn't all that it could be
I just want to StarGaze

Sitting here,
Staring at the stars,
It reminds me of how lonely and sad I really am.
No one to hold-
No being held-
And if it happens-its short lived-and in the end-what does it mean?!?
I want it to be something its not
its because i'm prone to rush into things
and then...
...then, its just sad.
Because while hes being a normal person
I'm off on some spaceship
Willing myself to believe
Believe in what isn't
Being extra and non-terrestrial
Making something out of nothing
-well not much-
And debating with myself in my head
I let my wants and realities **** each other

Now I float
No more *overthinking
No more over-hoping
Just going with the *flow, until I float upon some foreign and beautiful shore
Its about a boy. I think i care too much, like him too much for the amount of time we've known each im putting a cap on my feelings. Im being irrational. Dont tell me to tell him how i feel, itll just scare him away.
  Jan 2016 Miguela shine
Daisy Fields
see more.
breathe more.
take a leave more.
read more.
write more.
drop the strife more.
sing more.
dance more.
take a chance more.
do more.
play more.
seize the day more.
say more.
hear more.
hold someone near more.
love more.
give more.
cause we all gotta live more.
Miguela shine Jan 2016
I thought that I would be happy to find
What I thought to be the end of my search
Distraught, a sad, and lost, tailless feline
Whose whiskers when in dark will make me lurch
Instead of clear and happy carefree days
The tempest that I feel inside my being
I question if this is the right of way
Results I heed are sitting unforseen
To tumble back to where I once began
Traveling to a wider range of sea
I’ll cast my line with bait of truth and love
And see what type of rarity will be
Maybe this catch will be willing to stay
And i’ll vow not to fish another day.
Part of An Animal Sonnet series I'm doing
  Dec 2015 Miguela shine
Harrison W
Heart is numb, you wish you were someone else
Soul wants to flutter but trapped in this body
You're here and claim that you will stay
So why do I feel like you will go away?

You tell me that you don't think you're beautiful
You're lying to yourself, believing the words that others have said
I want you here my love, I want you to stay
Please please please don't go away

Stretch marks, fat, ugly, ******, wreck
I try to quell the flames
Stupid, worthless, disaster, I hate myself
It won't end.... It won't end....

I dreamed that I woke up alone in sorrow
I showered and got dressed for a wake
I cried because I was alone on the bed where we used to lay
Because you have decided to go away.
Miguela shine Dec 2015
I can't help but hate my actions
There I stood, heart open and filling it with everything you did
When I saw you
My heart seized with joy
When you spoke my name or said Hi
I would almost die from loss of breath.
My best friend was better friends and when you guys laughed!!!
My heart would commence with the Trichotillomania...
the best friend left and the chance was mine!
But take it I didn't.
At the moment to jump you SANK
At the moment to fly you FELL
You choked
Gurgling on the fear of rejection.
And now the cycles started again. And this time
the one he laughs with isn't a friend!
Why couldn't you make him bust a gut God WHY!
He's no longer yours
never was but
but whatever!
Anger directed at him, you ignore cause you can't handle your feelings and in the end

all you ever wanted to do was to love him.
And be loved back.
but don't forget
*you did this
Not much of a poem I know, but was wondering if i am the only one who has ever messed so bad.
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