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Alvaro Avila May 2018
Time that was once upon us had You & I in love. today though we are Nothing more then...
Used to bes
Were befores
Way back whens
Today just friends

Once upon a time
Ex-partners in crime
You keep yours &
Ill keep you in mind
Today though
Still just friends

Once befores
Way back thens
Now nothing more
Then acquaintances

Agreed upon unanimously
Too,new beginnings
With two different ends
Never will be's
Ever again
Just bad memory's
Of an Ex-benificial friend

Yesterday's news
We're befores
Still no-mores
Weren't really even thens
But still someone I miss missing
My Ex-Selfie sharing best friend

Gabriel Bonney Oct 2018
My mind recieves mores code
Messages most don't know
Channeling things to me
Told me I'm gone but no
Information I must take slow
Is anyone capable of listening?
Nat Lipstadt Oct 2018
~for Henessy J. Beltre and all the new Observers of the Universe~*

“my goal is to develop a more personalized meaning of beauty, love, and self actualization through my writing.” Henessy J. Beltre

each word, chewed upon,
individually and collectively
as I drive from Roma to Firenze,
long drives in unfamiliar scapes, olive shaded greens,
umbrella trees, and thin thickets of the vineyards planted
in the years notated as B.C.

are life pauses, asking, admission to the clarifying blankness
that commands rifle shots of riflessione (reflection)

your words, goading foaling, are all our goals,
succinctly refined,  for doesn’t every and each poem
asks through our eyes what are the visions of
love and beauty that is the actuality we ceaseless seek

avanti signorina!

unleash the wild words that will make your mission
burst from the ancient to the revitalizing, knowing this,
that the universals you seek to dress yourself within,
to share here, to create, to *actualize,

are products of your truths

be unaffected by stale mores, conventions dictates,
spill truths, soiled and used, cherished and recycled in
new ways, so that each of one of us
blesses you with one word:



on the autoroute to Firenze

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