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Brittany Oct 2014
To care about how my hair looks
or to know what to say

I look at you and everything else fades away
you're everything I always wanted and more
I think about no one else anymore

You're so special to me
I'd do anything to please ang of your needs
down on the ground or with my rear end in the air
all while you pull my hair

It doesn't even make sense
why when you are on top of me
I loose all common sense
Brittany Oct 2014
I want to be your best friend
Hold your hand until the end
Laugh with you until we can't breathe
And then we start again

When I see you I smile
When you leave I look at the clock and wish I could fast forward the dial
Being with you makes my life worth while

Its not that I need you, you see
Its that I want to love you unconditionally
The way you feel in my arms and when your lips touch mine,
Its more than I could every describe online.

You're so shy and sweet,
And I'm so not
I'm sweet, but not shy bone in my body
Not even a drop

That's the best part about you and I,
We're so different, but so the same
Its so cute and even a little lame

How much I care for you in this short time,
I just never want it to end.
Brittany Jul 2014
My buddy
My man
The only time id eat a ginger bread man
I huff and I puff
And I blow nothing down
There ain't nothin but a couch and some Doritos I could even knock down
Couldn't hurt a fly
But I might blow smoke in your eye
So nice so fly
Man I'm high as the sky
Where am I?
At the store craving some s'mores
I like twix too
Don't call me a Jew
We all have fun
We laugh
But we're too high to run
Brittany Jul 2014
The future is undeniable
And a little unreliable
We work and yet we have no money
We buy things that have no meaning
We talk about each other as if we have no heart
Why does it have to be like this, can we go back and restart?
Build a world that contains people happy and smart
Not book smart , not at all ,
Common sense would help us all.
Jesus and a little bit of faith,
Common sense, and room to make
A world that isn't fake.
Full of hatred or petty ways.
Brittany Jul 2014
That look you give me is like the light at the end of the tunnel that we all talk about.
That end
That finish line
The light I see is not an end at all
It's the beginning of something beautiful
Like a flower seed being planted in my soul
Waiting to be doused by your love
So that it can bloom
Ill wait forever forever for that look
For that one chance to have it all
All being you.
Brittany Jul 2014
I want the love of someone who walks along my side
Running to the store, showing me more
Of the life we all want to live
The hands that brush the smears of makeup running down my cheek,
Those tears that blur the happiness that shows the flow of life that isn't so hard to understand
The simple happiness that is a kiss upon my arrival,
Not the shiny things or fancy cars,
The love that looks into your eyes and
Is so beautiful you have to shut your eyes
You open them to see that figure of handsome love standing in front of you,
That kind of love is always true.

— The End —