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Nigel Finn Dec 2015
The darker side of my mind is where
Abstractions of fragmented poetry breeds;
A baby lies dead in a Hong Kong gutter,
And my lines fall into place.

Broken hearts sing lullabies to me,
Two savage beatings spare me a verse,
New Orleans lends me four at low interest,
And throws in a haiku for free.

The old veteran quotes me three lines
And gets buried with the last.
The rhyme festers with his body;
Both soldier
                      and verse

I can't explain the beauty I see
In the dying faces of the abandoned ones,
Nor tell you why, if the bomb were dropped tomorrow
I should weep in both anguish and delight.

I can only tell you, should it all end,
Should all modern horrors dissapear,
The future will weep for the joys of the present
And smiles will dissapear forever
illuminate  Nov 2014
Your smile
illuminate Nov 2014
When I'm with you, I feel safe and carefree. Nothing in the world matters apart from you and I. I could lay in your arms all day, whilst you admire me from above. Your laughter is music to my ears. To hear your happiness, makes all my sadness dissapear . Your smile luminates my day.
Shadows must and will obey
my thoughts to sink and prayers stray,
for soon they’ll stay.
They rest upon my heavy head
they lie with me upon my bed,
for soul’s decay.
Shadows must and will confuse
this love i know i’ll never loose,
and never say,
that all is bright behind these eyes
that mind is free and all these lies
are far away.
Confuse and use they must, they must
through power, greed, and lies and lust
until i’m lost.
Before they go and try their best
i’m gonna steal a little rest
from love’s old nest.
They’ll come again, this much i know,
so i put on a great big show
that I have learned long time ago.
But now my soul, she has her voice
and given any other choice
i trust the one
that shows rejoice.
She speaks and shadows dissapear
she shows the way which comes so clear.
I know the voice i hold so dear
it speaks of love, the moment  “now”
it whispers to me when and how
i can be free, and to allow
my spirit to retain the vow
it took before this life’s refinement
that some life I’ll reach enlightement
be out of body’s false confinement
And into Tao.
The Judge  Dec 2015
The Knight
The Judge Dec 2015
The darkness envelopes the night,
the stars in the sky dissapear.
Leaving a stranded knight,
with nothing to fear.

He's all alone in this world,
with nothing but a sword.
His hopes are curled,
for he thinks there is no lord.

But right as he is about to give up,
a lightness embraces him.
It fills his almighty cup,
it takes away all his sin.

He feels like a god reborn.
He throws his sword to the ground.
His world has been torn,
never to be found.

He is the only ruler now,
Only he can judge you now.

The knight in the sky,
the one who learned how to fly.
J J Jan 4
I pose high my chest of ragged ribbons
And unravel a fist to stretch out fingers in search
Of a hand glimmering pale like a lantern
throughout this grey
        empty space. Once a pavement, now as good as

Cloud. Frozen lake. Dust. Boiling ashes. Skeletons.

I am walking on the slashed frames of waves
As jesus once must have. Propelled to a miracle unwitnessned
To anyone but myself. I am impelled to corrode
Into a statue; to remain a rigamortic rotting jade jewel in the sun
Until I no longer can.
Until they found me...

Perhaps they'd dust me off, thaw the ice from my shoulders,
Rehydrate me and gorge me,
Restart the blinking light in my brain
And refrain me evermore from having to seek.

But seek I must, for the lonliness weighs me down
Further by the day. I take half as many steps now as when I began my voyage.
My memories are like ghosts of flames that play
Snakes and ladders and hide and seek.
I am the lighthouse man and I sail drunken--
A rubicund mishape of bone and scuffed thoughts,
I can feel every soul which once embodied and huddled this place.

It's like they are trying so hard to posses me but even
Their souls have been smouldered to whispers
So thin they ring as mutely as the surrounding mist,
So soft they vibrate akin to an infant’s pulse
Throughout these walls, these scrapyards, these crumbling arcades, this sandbox grey that begs for a scream.
The spirit of a tarantula trembles along my back and grazes it teeth against my shoulderblade,
Preying that I turn to confirm it's being –but it's a game I’ve long grown sick of–

I am the lighthouse man and I ceased having a face long ago.
What I recall of my reflection was a child so young and so sure
Of a different life that

I cannot be sure it's even me.

I am the lighthouse man; a puckered bulb balancing on too-big shoulders, that walked
  through barren flat closes and exited empty handed, the lonely poltergeist,
a bitter flab of skin.

I am the lighthouse man and I am the final Aspen leaf in the pond of the universe,
I see myself reflected in a sole star twirling underfoot and overhead
rowing my ears so thick with disfigured silence so that I wish I was born deaf.
I am the lighthouse man and my mind is a spinning fragment
    my eyes can merely follow and my floating steps merely trail.

It never changes tone here, I can only vaguely trace the time
By the occasional moon. Tonight it shines half chewed,
  Befitting the levelled star a sideways crown.
It is beautiful but I mustn't stop to admire, lest a survivor
Scavenger loses patience withholding the last of their scran.

I am the lighthouse man and I haven't eaten in years.

I am the lighthouse man and I bled for the first time yestardy.
I am the lighthouse man and my bulb ricocheted off the base of my skull
In a telling fairy tale dream. I felt static in my head
And my light's ink spilled across my hands and for a minute I thought
My light had gone out. I tasted blood,
Trickled down from my stinging nose and I had never been so scared.

I am the lighthouse man and I never knew I could die.

I am the lighthouse man. Once the world danced with magic and I was
A walking satellite that grew to want to dissapear.
I am the lighthouse man and my decrepitude is casted in my hands:
Black as the night from the dirt collected over the years.
The few slashes of skin clear enough to see look rust-like and obtrusive, outdone only by
My veins like wonky bruises that vine across the silhouetted bone;
Bridging gear to gear, clinking shivering knuckles
         That want nothing more than to surrender.

But I am only frostbit, not frozen.
Life was and thus must still be.
I am a raindrop, not the whole ocean.

I am a walking lighthouse inspecting and guiding empty seas,
A form without virtue
That ceased feeling it's metallic steps too long ago to recall.
A cubist teardrop falling down a grey giant's cheek,
Waiting to be captured and swallowed.

Or perhaps I am climbing uphill, slowly along the circumference of his forehead.
So slowly I cannot notice the rise. Perhaps I was destined to amble in hypnosis,
En route on this colourless limboid curve until I forget the concept of
             a destination, a soul, a matryr jester to rouse me awake...
             and perhaps it is then that I will be blessed with the heavenly bulb

Of the weeping giant on whom's flesh I disturb.
I am the lighthouse man and I dream of purpose.

I am the the lighthouse man with a penchance to levitate
I am the lighthouse man and I am a God without tool or reason.
I am the lighthouse man and I'll walk this limbo until my feet dissapear.

I am the lighthouse man and I am cursed.
I am the lighthouse man transitioning between lives and never knowing
Causality nor the answer. There are no questions to have;

I am the lighthouse man and I must have been a murderer in my past life.
I am the lighthouse man and I can feel my inner fuses twist,
Falling fainter and fainter by the second.
I am the lighthouse man and I will not make it another night.
I am the lighthouse man and I am a memory-bank full of nothing remarkable.
If I felt this months ago then perhaps I would make due with the my sojourn of an empty house, atop a parked car, and perhaps I would be content with rotting.

But now the moon shines so luminously bright and full and close! So very close!
I am the lighthouse man and I chase the moon.
I am the lighthouse man and I vaguely recall my mother saying 'do not eat the moon,
It will give you nightmares!’ and it all suddenly makes sense now.

The stars are all out tonight and they await my company. I am the lighthouse man and now I run.
I run run run run for the sky in ode to the rest of the bodies that abandoned this place.
Lexi  Aug 2018
Lexi Aug 2018
Looking in the mirror is like a death wish
A glimor of hope before the horrid thoughts cime floading in
Screaming at the top of their lungs.
And the tears rush to the surface as I pinch my skin
Grabbing it tight
Pulling at it with all my might
Wanting for it all to dissapear just like myself
As i slowly turn and turn that small glimor of hope gone
Flushed away by the rotton words that captivate my body
Screamimg for me to

                     "STOP EATING"

I walk away woth a heavy heart sinking down to the lowest part of me
Hiding away frim anyone
Ignoring every word spoken to me.

My mind
My body
My whole being has been captured by those fithly words and throughts which are tormenting me and eating me alive
Without a word
A thought i move on frim the plate of fruit and the bowl of chocolates
Swinging with a heart heavy,
Yet filled with nothing

I act like it has no effect on me
Like it doesnt hurt at all
Everyday every glance at the hated mirror that only lies
Vladimir s Krebs Aug 2016
Ever step I take will set in motion innovative ideas. It will be easy to dissapear from what scares me the most. What words would you even considering saying when every door room or fallen millitary bunker.  No threat only walking into a wear house discovering pools of blood with hacked up dead some decapitated so luster choking on there blood.
Why walk when you could run the miles to stop the master of desciz.

Nothing seems to be a possible when you you use urban mind as a deadly weapon.

We aren't machines we are human not a Droid.

No we dont weapons we just have to create havik. No blood she'd only mental ideas that will pull the plug of the demons eyes
OneCorn  Dec 2012
OneCorn Dec 2012
You see me
I know you do
you act like you can see through me
Yet I know you can't
I wish I knew why you act like this
Will you ever tell me why
Is it my fault?
Do I make it hard?
Could I make it be simple?
I try to understand
but I just can't seem too
I want to be your friend
You want to be mine
Or atleast thats what you say
Yet you go mute
when I walk into a room
Like your words are too good for my ears
Yet I don't think that's it
It could be
But for a second
When I see your eyes
Fear flickers through
you may deny but I know what I see
and I see it only too often
I wonder who else notices
Who knows to look for it
Maybe just me
But trust me its there
Maybe its the same when you see me
Is it?
Do we fear each other?
Can anyone tell?
Will it always be secret?
It began wrong
But its not that way anymore
Atleast that's what you promised
So why can't they know
Or maybe its just easier to dissapear that way
Though if you just want to dissapear again
Just do it
You know waiting just hurts me
And I'm tired of hurting
So I hope you don't run
But I hope you will help me
to Understand
If your not ashamed of me
Why am I a secret?
brandon nagley Jul 2015
I think I needeth to be alone
Wherein I canst be Invisible to others....
Just dissapear..
Styles  May 10
Styles May 10
Whisper some ***** **** in her ear, watching wet spot in her ******* appear, sticking my hand down there,
where my fingers dissapear underneath your underwear,
deep beneath
my fingers disappear
Tia Henricks  Jun 2015
Tia Henricks Jun 2015
I'm aching

The air should not escape the bones that are without you should I feel comfortable with the idea of me being just as empty as this dusty old train
I'm at complete odds
I'm scrambling, my hands shaking for the coldness to dissapear, to be safe.
Unfairness yelled at me from the lights above that made one squint
Hoping each blink id see you next to me.
With the strange sounding man announcing ones home
Your name isn't one
Why oh why
I must scream it my self
As my soul shares yours
my heart pumps your blood
Thriving on only the everything of you. I'm needing you really bad.
but my next stop isn't home
It's place a place of homeless surrounded by souls taken by thing a that do not succeed into the same idea of love.
They can keep trying
But all I need is you
Just you, your humble and sweet kisses and our love tangled together falling asleep with the warmth of home.

— The End —