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Mystery Girl Apr 26
I hate this house
Where you lived
Where you died
So full of memories
But still so empty
My heart aches for you
Crying out, "MAMA!"
And I scream but
I make no sound
My grief is an anchor
Keeping me grounded
But pulling me under
I can't fight it this year
The weight of a decade
Smothering and suffocating
I ******* miss you
Mystery Girl Apr 19
We were pen pals
Exchanging poems
Back and forth
Back and forth
Sharing bits of our lives
Within each line
Spilling secrets
Sharing tales
Opening our hearts
Just to finally
Tear each other apart
Mystery Girl Sep 2023
Kiss me fast and hard
Til my lips are raw
And I can't breathe
Touch me softly
With your hands like fire
Burn your imprint
Deep into my skin
I want to feel you
In my bloodstream
Drink until I'm dizzy
From the taste of your skin
Mystery Girl Sep 2023
If they had a sound
It would be a can of loose screws
Sitting on a washing machine
A constant jangle of bits and pieces

If they had a taste
It would be sour candy
And a battery on your tongue
Electric and sharp all at once

If you could touch them
They would feel like static
And cotton *****
Unpleasantly soft with a scratchy tingle

If you breathed them in
It would be rubbing alcohol
With cinnamon and pepper
A raw burn followed by touches of spice

But when you see them
You might not realize
A bouncing leg here
Drumming fingers there
Mystery Girl Sep 2023
All I want is a connection
Someone to get it
To get ME
Someone that will see the darkness
That lives in my heart
And choose not to run from it
To look past my insecurities
And jealous tendencies
Remind me they love me
I just want someone to love me

Mystery Girl Sep 2023
I used to write love poems
Verses of my dedication to you
Now I stare at empty pages
Hoping the pen I hold
Will start moving already
Scribbling all the thoughts
Running through my mind
Pulling my memories of you
From the darkest corners
Where I put you to avoid
The pain that echoed
Endlessly through the hole
Your presence left in my heart
Mystery Girl Mar 2023
Where things decay
New growth replaces
Mushrooms on dead trees
Barren trees and
Blooming wild violets
Mid February
Pear trees blossoming
From early sunsets
To early sunrises
Spring following harsh winters
Changes are coming

Can I embrace them?
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